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Very Teary Today - hugs required PLEASE!!

I've a wicked sore throat (again, 2nd time in 2 weeks!), a really bad headache, keep going hot and then cold - been up all night and now I'm here at work, feeling awful. I feel very, very teary today maybe 'cos I'm soooo tired? To top it all my Dear Mother passed away in June this year aged 77, I miss her terribly so this is my 1st year without her.......

Hugs and cuddles required please anyone?? :cry:
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HUGE HUGS for you. Sorry you're not well and sorry you lost your Mum this year. Hope things get better soon xxxx
I can understand why you are feeling teary. You are not feeling well that's bad enoughbut your first Christmas without your mum is very upsetting. There are so many reminders around you cards with mum on do it for me.

This is my 4th Christmas without my mam and I've had lots of tears.

It is hard but try and remember some of the past Christmases.

Big hugs
Irene x
December is tough enough for me, my Grandpa died 13 years ago and was buried on 17th Dec and to top it all my Father is going around the world on a cruise for 106 nights next year - maybe it's just me being selfish?
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Awe hugs to you hun, hope you feel better real soon. It will be hard this Christmas without your mum but she will be with you in your heart. We have our first Christmas without my SIL but I know she wouldn't want us to be sad and she will be with us in spirit. xx
I hope you feel better soon. Christmas without a loved one is tough but as others have said try to remember the good times and silly things you did


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:hug99::hug99::hug99: No you're NOT being selfish! You're not well and your defenses are down. Of course you miss your Mum! She's always been there for you and Christmas is a family time. Remember the happy times and talk about your Mum. She wouldn't want you to be unhappy.
Easier said than done - trying to talk about my Mother I get upset!!! I went to see one of her bestest frind last night to take a Christmas card (as I didn't have her address) and we both ended up crying.


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You're not being selfish at all. The mourning process is a long drawn out event, so many 'first anniversarys' to get through.

My 1st husband died on 6 Jan 1997. Every year I get a letter from the pension company advising me that it has gone up a fraction as it is the anniversary of my husbands passing. Gee, thank's guys!!!


Wishing and hoping!
hugs and i hope you get a better sleep tonight - maybe do yourself a bath to help relax you. Also sorry to hear about your mum but what you could try is thinking about some happy memories of your mum :)
I send you big hugs. It's going to be a very difficult Christmas without your Mum for the first time. i hope that thinking of the good times past will bring you some comfort xx

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