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Very upset with Doctor!!


Taking the Scenic Route..
So my Xenical runs out tomo, so i went today and saw a female gp (she is very stuck up and strict and not very nice at all!:()
She refused to prescribe me any more, saying the nurse has to...who happens to be on holiday for the next 2wks! :mad:
I gave my bottle of Alli away aswell...

She even refused to look at my weigh in slips from boots to see my progress....Just rushed me out! :cry:
Going to go back tomo and see another gp! Fingers crossed i get them :(

Sorry 4 rant xx
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thats just plain out rude!!!
you have every right to be upset, and i would make a complaint!
maybe try seeing the same person each time and make your appointment for the next time when you are there, and then if they say no sorry they are going to be away or such and such, then ask to be able to be prescribed more so that you can keep going.
i was able to do that and now my dr prescribes 2 months for me. :)


Taking the Scenic Route..
Thanks Kes...Yes she was very rude and spoke to me like i was a child. :mad:

I will take your advice, and try and see the same gp every time. Also a good idea getting them in 2months supply :)



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Hiya Fru..you're back then ;)

yes i would definitely try and stick to the same person, they know you better anf if you re book at the desk at least you can try and work it out if theyre away, maybe go a week before if they can get you in..

good luck for tomorrow :)
What a cow! I hope you see someone better tomorow. xx


Taking the Scenic Route..
Thanks bunny and Lizzie. How are you Lizzie hun? Congrats on the 3lb loss thats fab! Told you you would get a nice loss this week ;) And Bunny ur loss was amazing! Keep up the great work ladies...
Omg, you might as well try hun, no harm in trying! :D Wish you luck
I'm fine thanks hun, still plodding along. I've been having a few wobbles over the last week but I've still stuck to the diet. It just seems like my goal weight is so far away and that I've constantly been on a diet over the last few years. How have you been? Have you had your doctors appt yet? Fingers crossed you get your prescription. xx
One GP in my surgery won't prescribe it as he has experience of people losing the weight and then piling it all back on and more after about a year or so - it's fair enough for him to have these veiws as it's an expensive drug to prescribe.

Another gp suggested it to me so I will always make sure to see her! She has such long lists to see her my pills run out about three days before my apointment.

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