Vibration plate (wobble boards)

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by LouiseJanex, 21 March 2014.

  1. LouiseJanex

    LouiseJanex Member

    I am a single mum to a disabled child, I have no way to be able to go to the gym or even for a jog.

    I was wondering if vibration plates are worth it? I'm tempted to buy one!

    Has anyone had results from using one alongside slimming world? Or would I be wasting my money

    Louise x
  2. See if you can try one before committing to any expenditure. There is a VibroGym machine at the gym I go to, and although I do use it (my trainer insists!) and it does help by intensifying whatever exercise I am doing (particularly if we are targeting specific muscles) I don't think it makes much difference to weight loss. And I absolutely hate it!!
  3. RosiePops

    RosiePops Well-Known Member

    Hi Louise
    I thought about buying one of these before sw!
    I have heard mixed reviews about them- I think they are more effective used as part of your exercise rather than alone.
    If I were to buy a piece of equipment for the home I think id opt for a cross trainer, so you can do some exercise that you know will work.
    Rosie x
  4. Phoenix_Girl

    Phoenix_Girl Well-Known Member

    one thing about Vibro-Gyms/Power Plates is that you need a really secure floor, ideally something more solid than floorboards otherwise you could really have issues with vibration travelling through the house/causing damage to any ornaments/TV/anything you really don't want to break having a little mishap :s
  5. LouiseJanex

    LouiseJanex Member

    We have concrete flooring so that's good!
  6. louisedan

    louisedan Well-Known Member

    I love mine -use it every day. Certainly helps tone you up. I have wooden floors and no problems with it.Check out which
    one you buy fi#rst(reviews etc) as some are known for breaking down etc

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