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Village in Need of an Idiot?


Anything But Ordinary
Wotcha :D

I'm Bron, 22 with a cute, British accent!

In the real world, I'm "working" freelance as an illustrator, drawing pictures for children's books and charity websites. I'm also a mad keen runner, and race at least once a month.

In June 2006, I weighed 95kgs/208lbs. Pretty chunky for a chick standing 5ft 3/159cm tall... I'd always tried to lose weight in the past and failed, but something else stuck with me this attempt, and it's stuck since. I'm now 62kgs/136lbs and aiming for an ultimate goal weight of 58kgs/127lbs.

What's helped me most has been the community of a wonderful other forum. But it's very empty nowadays, and I just need somewhere new to get the band of support I need. I've been slipping back into old habits that I need to put a stop to.

I can't wait to meet everyone! :)

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Ancient Egypt Nut!
Welcome to our community Bron :D:D:D

Loved the title of your thread!! :8855:


Big Boy
Hi Bron and welcome to minimins.


Anything But Ordinary
Thanks everyone :) It's a wicked site, going to really get stuck in once I've finished work.

Just realised that everyone's from the UK! Wow, my British accent doesn't seem quite so outrageous now ;)

Hello pleased to 'meet you'
Im new to this forum as well joined yesterday. Im doing SW started at 171/2 stones got to my target befor Xmas but slowly put over a stone back on . Re started classes this week . good luck in your weight loss.

Hiya bron-think we do have a few overseas visitors who will love your exotic accent-lol. welcome and really good luck with the remainder of your weight loss.
LOL, yes Bron, it is a brit site. LMAO, and is your cute accent a Yorkshire one. :)

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