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  1. Shutterbug82

    Shutterbug82 New Member

    Hi all! I'm a fresh member here. I have an appointment with a counsellor tomorrow and will be starting the Cambridge Weight Plan for the first time. I'm 5'4 and I'm a little bit shy of 15st. I'm aiming to be 9st (fingers and toes crossed).

    The problem is that most of the people that surround me are not very sure about this diet plan; they think it's too hard and that I won't be able to pull through. But, it's really my last chance. I've been struggling with my diet for the past 15 years and it just feels like I'm stuck in a body that's not mine. I want to shedd off the excess weight once and for all and this is it! A couple of months back I was actually considering surgery, lap band or gastric balloon. But then I heard about the Cambridge Weight Plan and though, "maybe this is my last resort". And I honestly have no clue why in the world had I not heard about this glorious weight plan before, I must've been living under a rock somewhere..

    I've done tons of research and read tons of reviews and experiences on lots of forums. And I've come to the decision that it would be healthy if I can turn to people that have gone through the same diet plan for support, because I know this won't be anywhere close to easy. So here I am. :)

    Who here is just starting? How have the first few days treated you? What should I expect during the first few days?

    Who has been on it for a whole now? What's the progress like? And what are the pros and cons?
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  3. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    I'm on week 6. i can assure you all the doubters and cant mind their own business types stop all the naysaying when they start seeing the drastic results. personally no matter how i was feeling in the first week or two i told anyone that asked that i felt brilliant, put a big smile on my face, reminded them i was getting loads more vitamins now than i ever was from chocolate and chips!

    Cheating is the enemy of this diet. while you might get away with the odd bit here and there on the scales it reintroduces the hunger pangs and just leads to more cheating. different methods work for different people but personally i did sole source for the first two weeks to establish a routine and then switched to sole source +. you will only be on this diet a finite amount of time if you stick with it. its 3 months or so out of your entire life so its worth it to yourself to give it a proper go and do it right. you need to be selfish too. ive arrived at extended family dinners with a shake. anyone that felt the need to comment was given a very blunt response like i want to see my child go to college. also the ones who said sure you've lost enough already would be told my current bmi. i dont mind as it will be normal in anotger few weeks.

    you can do this!!!! you are your own destiny. only you will derail you!
  4. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    there are side effects but they are manageable. the only extra things i got were paracetamol for the withdrawal headaches and physillium husks for constipation. i would take these from the start. the empty feeling in your stomach goes away after day 4. clear your schedule too if the first two weeks where possible. the tiredness was similar to being 8-9 weeks pregnant. all i wanted to do was go to bed after work. however i woke up on day 11 a new woman. by day 14 i was exercising regularly again. i can assure this so so much easier than surgery. by about week 4 my taste buds had changed. (i feel its because i wasnt having a nibble here and there of stuff from what i consider my past life). ive no interest in chipper food anymore and im eating salads for the first time in my life. i didnt even have to force myself. it came completely naturally after a while and it was a shock because i never thought i would change that aspect of my diet.

    i also now go out for an Indian on a friday evening. (thanks leethal) i have a very specific meal. i have the lamb chunks in spices for starter and a tandoori chicken tikka for mains with a large bottle of sparkling water. i dont eat the accompanying veg with the main but i do eat the greens with the starter. i dont have any poppadoms, nan or rice. it normalises life for me and stops me wanting to cheat as ive something to look forward to. if im going for Sunday lunch we go to Pizza Express and I get the Superfoods Salad without butternut squash and avocado but with extra chicken. its extremely tasty when you're not eating anything else in the week and keeps you in ketosis while getting you out and about.

    Mon-Fri at work i keep to 3 shakes a day and 2 boiled eggs for my breakfast. the eggs make a massive diffdrence to my concentration levels at work. This has become my new normal. when im making up the shakes i make the fruit ones cold and the rest of them hot. i use 500 mls water and always blend them with a hand blender. i drink lots of peppermint tea and i use a 2 ltr bottle as my water bottle so i know when ive that drank im done for the day. finally i got the ketostix. i know they dont do much but i take comfort every day from checking im in ketosis because once that stick turns pink in the mornings i know Im losing weight. Best of luck!
  5. Chlo

    Chlo Silver Member

    I am on week 2 (810) and loving it. I had done the diet before SS and lost 6 stone, it is brilliant if you have the right frame of mind and commitment, but it is a 100% commitment diet, I find that as soon as I starting adding bits and bobs it was a slippery slope. That is why I have chosen 810 this time so I have a little bit of leeway, and I am happy with a slower loss (though in this first week it has been no slower than SS ;) )

    If you have a look at people's signatures you will see some of the brilliant losses that people have.

    I never really had a problem with people being negative, once the weight comes off and they can see it coming off no one really comments. Even my Mum stopped nagging once she saw it worked.

    Good luck.

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