Will get there one day!
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JenXx said:
I am having SW chips tonight and i really fancy some vinegar on them, is it free or synable?
I have the non brewed condiment stuff you get from chippy's

Is it better to use malt (ie sarsons?)

I think all vinegars are free, haven't got my book with me today though so hopefully someone else will answer x


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This is good to know, I was in this situation the other day and couldn't find the syn value so divided to risk it. Happy days!!


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Drown them suckers!

Just as I did with my fish, chips and mushy peas earlier! - the peas turned brown!


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"Non-brewed condiment" is a vinegar substitute made with water, acetic acid, flavourings and colourings. It is illegal to sell it as vinegar.

It would be free, as are proper vinegars , but I would prefer the real thing!


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Hi There , the vinegar in the jars of pickes is lovely too x