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Virgina Andrews

I think Secrets of the Morning is one of the ones written after Virginia Andrews died and was written 'in the style of' although thats not made very clear on the covers! I loved her books, hated the ones written after she died.

Sorry, doesnt help your question any mind lol
lol -Thanks - it does clear things up though -I was thinking all the way thru it 'this is a bit watery compared to the others'.

And Delli - I know! Poor wee flowers, hehe


Losing the baby fat
I was a fan, but the NEW Virgina andrews did nothing for me, it was the same old story just new names.
My favourite series was the one with Troy in, but she married Logan but had troys baby, god that was a good story, with Kitty who adopted her (what was her name?) and her brothers and sisters allso adopted out to meet up later in life. I am having trouble remembering the series now! it was the 2nd one anyway - better than flowers in the attic series.
I had them all but chucked them after about 5 reads each, they got a bit tatty.

If you read flowers in the attic make sure to get the very last one as that is before flowers in the attic and explains alot. The movie was rubbish though, could have put alot of people off picking up the book.
Heaven. I loved that series of books, haven't read them in absolute years.

I agree, after she died, the 'in the style of' were complete crap.
Virginia Andrews was the only person my mother ever read so id read all the dollanganger family books before I was 10 looooved them wanted to be cathy like mad :p

she also has a great series with the wildflowers series which i looved although i think she was already dead when they were written clever woman :p

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