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Violet is shrinking
I always take a multivit at bedtime, it's a good idea when taking Xenical :)
I take it when I get up as I need to be up for a good hour before I can eat! (I didn't take any for the first month - useless!) xx
I've just started taking mine at elevenses at Bunny's suggestion as I was struggling to get enough time between my evening meal & bed time.
vitamins are like sweets to me lol.. holland and barrett is my fav store .. i take a mix of things rather then multi vit as i find they have low doses in some multivits.. but when taking xenical you should take a vit for sure!
I take mine at bedtime just before going up, i also take cod liver oil at the same time. Heard its better to take them when your ready for bed as they can work overnight rather then during the day when your going toilet etc... not sure if there is any truth behind that x
I take some vitamins before bed, mainly a B complex and a antioxidant/mineral all in one capsule. I have two huge pots of evening primrose (which I really should take otherwise I'm a misery!) and some fish oil stuff for the brain. I'm afraid to take them though because of the word 'oil'! I've been meaning to find out if it would be ok to take these. I can do without the fish oil but I really have noticed that I stopped taking the evening primrose oil. Anyone take these of an evening without any nasty Xenical effects?


Violet is shrinking
I think that would be a case of trial and error, some react some don't. It's not like eating a piece of oily fish though, so it may not cause you anything too bad.

I think you should try around the weekend, or when you're not likely to be caught short ;)
I take cod liver oil and dont have any side effects. like bunny hops says its trial and error x


Violet is shrinking
You don't HAVE to, but it's a good idea... an a-z and vit c is alll you really need :)
I take wellwoman original which has evening primrose and star flower oil in it.. No reaction to it! If I don't my totm is just worse than horrid! And oh boy do I get cranky (mind you, I don't think I'm being cranky.. My OH treads carefully lol)

I take it last thing before bed and is a good few hours after xen.. Which is why I think there is no reaction..

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