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vitzy's sw food diary - eye on the prize!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by vitzy82, 16 March 2011 Social URL.

  1. vitzy82

    vitzy82 Full Member

    hi all, i have logged on through my computer for the first time to the minimins site instead of through my mobile as i usually do and i cant find my previous food diary so thought id start another! Fresh start after an awful week last week. Was going sw online for the last 8 weeks and lost about 1lb week - 7lbs in total :confused:. decided to join a meeting last week and had first weigh in on Monday but i seriously think the scales at weigh in were wrong as they had said i lost 5lbs when my home scales said i had gained 1lb - there was a 6lb different and my home scales are normally quite accurate! i think the scales at class werent ready when i got on as has i was stepping on the lady said 'hold one its not ready' but she took the weight down anyway.....wished i had asked her to do it again. Anyhoo will c what they say next week. hopefully be more accurate! back on plan this week.

    i am getting married next year and have seen a dress online i like. Of course, they dont do my size so my prize is this dress! heres hoping

    so my menu for today was as follows:

    B - alpen light, x 2 heb

    l- stagg chilli (less 5%) 1/2 can - 3syns
    cous cous

    d- smash buttery
    ww sausages (2 syns)
    baked beans
    mixed vegetables

    party at work and had:

    5 crisps and nachos - 4 syns? only about 4 nachos
    1 mini savoury egg - 3 syns

    so total syns 12 syns

    i resisted the welsh cakes which went round!
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  3. vitzy82

    vitzy82 Full Member

    Thurs, 1 more day to weekend and naughty food dodging! Today's been ok so far - here's my menu for today:

    B - alpen light x 2 : heb

    L: 1/2 can stagg chilli - 3 syns
    Cous cous

    D: BE salmon in lemon butter - free!
    Mixed veggies
    4 laughing cow light - hea

    Syns: 3 though mayb more so watch this space lol
  4. vitzy82

    vitzy82 Full Member

    Oh dear, made smash pizza for lunch tomo but couldn't resist a taste so ended up eating 1/4 :-( oh well, will have the rest as lunch tomo. At least most of it was free but mayb

    1/2 tsp tomato pure - 0.5 syns
    Chicken - 0.5 syns
    Cheese - maybe 2 syns (42g cheese is 8 syns and only had 1/4)

    Also had cereal bar 5.5 syns - slap on the hand!

    So total - 8.5 + earlier = 11.5 syns

    Also did 50 mins walk so hope not too bad!
  5. vitzy82

    vitzy82 Full Member

    Back on plan after a naughty-Ish weekend, mainly Sunday. Weighed myself Sunday morn and lost 3lbs, yay. Found out that my contract will b ending in two weeks so decided to stop meetings and carry on online for now so didn't go tonight. Bit of a shame as only joined meetings two weeks ok but still got my subscription online so that's good! Think the support on here is 10x better then meetings though!.

    Today's menu:

    B: oaty bar - heb
    Latte - hea

    L: stagg veg chilli 1/2 can: 1 syn
    Cous cous

    D: chicken
    Followed by some strawberries

    Decided to try and avoid carbs in evening to try and boost weight loss.
  6. vitzy82

    vitzy82 Full Member

    My dinner!

    Attached Files:

  7. vitzy82

    vitzy82 Full Member

    Oh synful day today kinda!

    B: cereal bar - heb

    L: 1/2 can stagg chilli - 1 syn
    Cous cous
    Toms and cucumber

    D: omelette made with two eggs, slice bacon with fat removed and tbs peas
    Laughing cow triangles light x2 - hea
    Salad - toms corn lettuce
    Dressing - 1.5 syns
    Marks reduce fat sausages 3 syns
    Ketchup 1 syn

    Snacks - cereal bar 5.5 syns

    Total sins: 12 syns

    Tomo we are out for dinner so hoping for a healthy meal choice - prob go Japanese so maybe a bento!
  8. vitzy82

    vitzy82 Full Member

    Not v good day today, firstly made my salad for lunch last night for today but when I opened it at lunch it was all soggy so went in the bin. Had to go out for lunch and admittedly made the wrong choice! Baked pot with tuna Mayo and sweetcorn - shoulda chosen beans really!

    Also Went out for dinner tonight and had sushi + bento box ( salmon teriyaki, rice, sushi, salad with Mayo and small piece fried chicken, two fried dumplings, seaweed-big box lol)

    Can't imagine syns in it all now.

    Got my syn free veg soup on boil for lunch tomo so hoping to redeem myself

  9. vitzy82

    vitzy82 Full Member

    Soups out the window as think carrots are gone off, darn it! dunno what to have now!
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