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Viva Las Vegas - The Good, The Bad & The Syns


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Got 5 weigh ins till my Vegas holiday so hoping a food diary/blog might help me to sort my head and re-focus... here goes:-
Not sure on day today probably Red, changed this to extra easy=

6 Wholemeal Crackerbread
2 Basil & Tom LCL - 3syns

Asda Little Fruit Pot - Kiwi, Pineapple, Grapes


2 Wholemeal Bread 400g - 6 Syns
2 Slices Mustard Ham & Tomato

Tuna, Onion, Quark, Large Fresh Mixed Salad, Beetroot, Sweetcorn, Celery, SW Chips

Total Syns 9.0

Any advice or comments welcome
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Changed my dinner...

Mixed Veg Stir Fry, Hot N Spicy Chicken and SW Chips.

Class was so motivating and was all about needing to re-focus on your goals, this helped me loads and got me to remember why I wanted to lose weight in the first place.


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Extra Easy day for me today :p

Breakfast: 42g Crunchy Bran (measured halo, halo, halo can you see my halo lol)
Skimmed milk

Pineapple, Mango, Melon

Lunch: Hot N Spicy Chicken, Lettuce, Celery, Sweetcorn, Beetroot, Onion
Muller Yog


Dinner: Hot Pepper Salmon, Jacket Pot, Carrot, Broc, Cauliflower, Small amount of pasta with quark... new to this quark stuff lol got a feeling I will be using it with everything lol

Go Ahead Forest Fruit Slices 7
Loads :)
Day 1 30 Day Shred
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Extra Easy (was going to do Green but then changed my mind, this is what I have planned so far)

Breakfast:- Fruit (couldnt be arsed lol)

Snack:- Small portion of Shep Pie (Yes I know this is strange but spent all morning cooking Shep Pie & Spag Bol to freeze it got to 10.30 and I thought I've not had much to eat, so... chucked some in a bowl.

Lunch: ???????

Dinner: - SW Quiche, SW Chips & Beans is it wrong to get excited about your dinner lol lol

Not sure yet, will have a treat later
Exercise - Shred:wave_cry: Day 2 EEkkkk
Water: -Lots
That it for the mo


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Lunch:- wholemeal bread n cheese x2 Kerry low low 6 (syns) and salad

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Extra Easy Day....

Strawberries, Banana, Grapes, Orange and a Muller

Lunch SW Veg Quiche & Salad

Dinner SW Shep Pie & Broc

A- Skimmed Milk

Day 3 Shred and 20 mins Inter Zumba (just completed)

Lots so far doing good with this :)


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3 syns used alpen bar

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Scrap the 3 syns had another alpen bar making that 2 so that is my B choice just debating having some crisp? Do I truly want them???

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Extra Easy Day:-

Breakfast: 2 Weetabix, Skimmed Milk, Banana

Snack: Asda Tropical Fruit

Lunch: SW Veg Quiche and lettuce

Snack: Muller & Apple

Dinner: JP, Tuna & Spring Onion & Mixed Salad

EL Mayo = 2 syns
SW Bar = 3 Syns
Crisp = 3.5 Syns

Water = Lots

Excercise = Shred Day 4 Completed yay!!!!
Breakfast: x2 Wholemeal Toast with Honey (4) & Banana

Lunch: Tuna, Spring Onion, Salad

Dinner: x2 Bacon, 2 Morrisons Sausage Cumberland Eat Smart (1), Egg, Tomato, Mushrooms, Baked Beans

Skimmed Milk
Syns so far 5
Exercise: None got Shingles :confused::confused:
Water: Quite good
Well not been doing this due to a couple of reasons
1. Got shingles
2. Feeling sorry myself
3. Can't face salad or veg :-(
4. Can someone please tell me to get a grip!!!!! Lol

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