vlcd and quitting smoking

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  1. tink

    tink Member

    Ordered my starter pack today, and bought my last pack of cigs too.

    is this mad? i figured if ketosis is going to be really poo then i might as well feel REALLY poo and just get it all out the way this week.... i'll probably be unbearable tho!

    has anyone else done this, is it stupid?!
    this is also my first vlcd so no real idea of what to expect, only done weight watchers and slimming world before and not managed to lose more than a stone each time, which went straight back on when i stopped!

    any words of wisdom welcome!

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  3. Allie2014

    Allie2014 Full Member

    I think your being very brave!

    Don't forget that you will get side effects starting a VLCD. Plus side effects from nicotine withdrawal that can also make you feel a bit sick and dizzy!

    If you believe you can do it then go for it. But if it's too hard don't give yourself a hard time.

    I'd say consider using patches or something to take the edge off nicotine withdrawal. (Not nicotine replacement taken orally tho as I suspect your system would not appreciate it on this diet ;-))

    Goo dluck xxxxxx
  4. SuperNova

    SuperNova Full Member

    Hi Tink.. I have been putting off re starting my Exante for ages. Although I lost two stone previously I start and then fail after a day or to. The funny thing is is that I have also given up smoking today. I logged on to minimins to get some inspiration and will power to start my Exante tomorrow and yours was the first post I read. Anyway good luck with both the non smoking and the diet. Once you get in to Ketosis you will feel much better. In the past I have often felt like smoking made me feel a bit weird if I was in Ketosis so you may not fancy smoking anyway :)
  5. tink

    tink Member

    thanks! i honestly have no idea what im letting myself in for! and i have to admit i am having a lovely day eating cheese and chocolates and even a small beer at lunch time! tomoro is going to be a stinker, then work on wednesday but luckily everyone is already on a vlcd so they can help me! is keeping busy the answer? i am the laziest person going so need a new hobby i think!

    best of luck for tomoro too, if we can get to friday i reckon we're doing bloody well!
  6. SuperNova

    SuperNova Full Member

    Hi Tink..Well second day no smoking and still not had a ciggy.. First day Exante and just had my first shake (wish it was a bit bigger )
    Just got to get the first few days out of the way.. How you doing?
  7. SuperNova

    SuperNova Full Member

    With hindsight its way too hard taking on a vlcd and giving up smoking at the same time!!!!!!
    Sticking to the diet but not managing to give up smoking at the same time.
    I know that I should do it the other way round as giving up smoking is really important.
  8. tink

    tink Member

    Im not doing too well, a bit poorly and no appetite so decided to have a couple of cigs :( I am finding everything in the exante diet foul tasting tho :( I have no appetite at all which I don't think is helping. So far today I've had the eggs -avoid at all costs! A porridge which made me gag and spag bol which tastes powery. Not going well! I had to take some painkillers so I've had 2 biscuits too, maybe I should wait til I'm better?! Somebody please tell me the taste gets more bearable!!
    T x
  9. SuperNova

    SuperNova Full Member

    Hi Tink.. Definatly wait till your better and then try again.. The food packs are not nice but it does get better. Once in Ketosis you lose your appetite a bit and don't really care. The first time I did Exante it was so easy once in Ketosis and I felt great too.. Probably all the water and no alcohol.. I can't seem to find my will power this time at all.. Anyway hope you feel better soon
  10. tink

    tink Member

    well that has been a complete waste of 2 weeks! had a vile virus, but better now. had a lovely easter/birthday weekend and just smoked my last cigarette, eaten my last chocolate!

    roll on feeling crap, being grump, losing weight. nothing tastes as good as slim feels and all that.
    weigh in first thing tomoro then will get this week over and done with, then the next, then the next!
  11. SuperNova

    SuperNova Full Member

    Hi Tink.. How did you get on in the end? Are you still on Exante?

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