VLCD before Christmas?


Hi, If you've read my other threads you prob think i'm parping on about this, but I just has a thought. I am desperate to start a VLCD, but can't get my head around not having xmas dinner etc this year.

Can I start CD, with two shakes/soups a day then a meal in the eve (bit like Slimfast), or shall I do CD/LL in new year, or shall I just do Slimfast......?

Does that make sense. I want to make a positive start? Then start SS in Jan.....
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Hi Steph,
This really is your decision. You need to be fully focused on this diet when you start. You need to be so focused to remain strong at times when you are feeling weak and want to eat. If you are just ten percent not sure then I would wait until January. I have read your previous posts and you have alot comimg up in your life in the coming months. So January sounds good. The only danger is that you will alwayds find excuses for example- birthdays, valentines day, easter, holiday etc.
When you start this diet you are begining to change the rest of your life and its a fantatic adventure. Lighterlife will be here for you when you are ready and all of us on here for you anytime.


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Hi Steph.. strike whilst the iron's hot I say.. I started my VLCD journey at the end of Oct last year.. I had a planned break for Xmas, got straight back on the day after New year and continued... you could even have Xmas week as your add a meal week (if doing CD) if you got going now!!!! You could be a stone lighter by Xmas and not even feel the need to overindulge as you'll be feeling so much better!!!
Aternatively on CD you could start on one of the higher plans now and wean yourself into SS for the new year...
Whatever you decide good luck.. and I look forward very much to seeing your progress hun:)

love xxxx:D


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HI Steph, I agree with Mandy...if you can start now, then you should. I dont know about you, but for me Christmas has always been a massive pig out, and I could put on about a stone over the 2-3 weeks between 'pre-christmas' and new years...as Mandy said, you could have lost upwards of a stone by Christmas, plus your stomach should shrink and you wont be able to eat as much as usual anyway! There is never a 'good' time to start a VLCD, I dont believe anyone has an easy enough life that they can say, 'oh, these 6 months are good for me'....I dont mean to be harsh, but Christmas can be your excuse for putting it off now, but what will the next one be!!

Good luck though, watever you decide to do!!


Right then, here's one of my issues....We have booked and paid for two xmas meals already. I'm really not trying to find excuses to get out of it because I would prefer to get stuck in. These two meals are both £40 pp with entertainment so I really don't want to cancel and end up depressed because of missing out etc......
I really really am not trying to us this as an excuse, just find the best way round it by still starting now.

What would happen if I started CD or LL now then stopped for a week (stop SS tue 19th dec, start again Wed 27th dec) and try really hard not to pig out. Would it be a waist of time and money from now til 19th?


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Why not contact the venues and explain that you are following a special diet and can they accomodate that in your meal? Tell them you would like some plain grilled chicken & caulifour and brocolli? I do understand that you dont want to miss the entertainment, especially having already paid for it!! If you wre doing 790, the above would be an option for you....although you would have to miss the starter & deserts, but could stil have coffee afterwards and drink lots of water on the nights out...

I cant say from experience wat would happen if you started now and stopped for a week, but the general consensus seems to be that the first time you do a VLCD is 'magical', and you will never get that feeling back again. It seems that a lot of people who stop and try to go back to SSing cant do it, although it depends on the person and their own willpower.

Have you thought about maybe doing 1000 or 1200 on CD until after Christmas? And then starting to SS on either CD or LL? I dont know the losses, but you could stil lose quite a bit by then..

I just think it would be a shame not to do SOMETHING now, because your head seems to be in the right place, you seem to WANT to start and it might be hard to get that back again if you put it off


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Hi Steph

My sister is in the same position, she has two christmas dinners to go to, but despite this she still started the diet last Thursday. She wanted to set in some good habits now and then when the dinners comes along she hopes she will be in tune with herself to eat sensibly. Also when Christmas comes she does not want be having "the last meal" and gorge herself on forbidden food. In those four weeks she could lose upto one stone and the knowledge that she does not want to go backwards she hopes will keep her in line.

I'm quite fortunate as my workplace do not have christmas lunches or dinners. Just bring a dish - this I can easily avoid. So for the Christmas week at home I plan to go on the 790 meal and return to SS straight after. Starting CD was the best decision I ever made. I feel so in control and I hope I can maintain this on my 3 day holiday.

I wish you the best whatever your decision.


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kazz;7342 [COLOR=#ff0000 said:
I cant say from experience wat would happen if you started now and stopped for a week, but the general consensus seems to be that the first time you do a VLCD is 'magical', and you will never get that feeling back again. It seems that a lot of people who stop and try to go back to SSing cant do it, although it depends on the person and their own willpower.[/COLOR]

This is such a true statement - spoken from someone who knows:eek: I went to my first info session for LL mid-October last year and was adament that I wouldn't start till January - anyway, after the session I was still hesitant but the LLC contacted me to say she had a group starting on 30 October and did I want a place? I took the bull by the horns and went for it (the LLC even said she didn't think I'd start then as I had been so hesitant at the info sess:eek: ) - anyway, I gave it my all and by the Xmas I had lost 3 stone!! I didn't have Xmas dinner although I confess I wasn't totally 100% over the Xmas/New Year period but still had lost 6lb during that time....tbh Xmas is just one day, and technically one meal - it's all the other obsticales leading up to it that get in our way. If you feel you don't want to miss out on the 'do's' you have coming up then I would do 790 or 1000 and plan, plan, plan - I had a couple of do's and a weekend away that I chose not to go to - to me loosing the weight at the time was more important - this year I'm going on our girly weekend over 5 stone lighter, happier and more confident. I have broken the diet - and now am struggling to SS so to a new person starting I would say you really do have to be 'in the zone', 100% focused and determined to do it the desire to loose the weight should be what is foremost in your mind and that failure is not going to happen!

Whatever you decide - be it 790, 1000 or SS I wish you well it's life changing stuff and by this time next year you could be celebrating Xmas at target a slimmer and happier more confident you:D