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In it to win it.
Hey. I am thinking of moving over from a VLCD to CD. Now my weight is in the healthy range (only just) I am looking for something a little less extreme. I've lost around 3.5 stone in the last few months and now I'm looking to get to 12 stone on SW.

Has anyone else switched? Have you found SW easy to stick to? I think my weight will go up slightly for first weigh in as water/carb stores are replensished but after than looking to loose 2pounds a week and then maintain on SW.

So my question - would anyone advise me not to do this? Would I be safer going on to Atkins or low-carb? I've worked so hard and acheieved a lot lately and I'm scared of messing up!
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi there.
I went from CD to SW and yes, I did gain in my first week, but after that the losses were consistent...just not as much as a vlfcd.
The nice thing is that you re-educate yourself to make the right choises especially after coming from a plan where your only nutrients etc are from a milkshake!
A very wise decision in my opinion and easy to get used to!

Good luck!


In it to win it.
Nice one. Yes it would be nice to eat and educate myself. I think I could maintain on SW too once I reach goal.

One of my main problems was comfort eating because of my current job. I start a new job next week so my days of comfort eating all of the time are hopefully over too. But if my weight does creep up, I'll definately consider going back on the VLCD.

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