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Hiya im sabina and I started ww on wednesday am pleased to say so far im ery impressed with how it all works.But because im new to this might need some questions answered sometimes,hope thats ok?

Anyway Im on 32 points,Now my question is about the weekend points.

Im having a get together this weekend so will be drinking my usual tipple of vodka.

Im not sure if im right in thinking each pub measure of vodka is 2 points? and if I have it with diet coke it should stay at 2 points as diet coke is 0.

So If I was to have say 5 vodkas on my weekend points that would be 10 points or is that wrong?
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It is weekly points not weekend points! You can have them whenever you want!

And one unit of vodka is 25ml I think??

Most pubs do that, but some places only serve doubles! So obviously you have to account for 2 lots of vodka!


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lol thank you im still getting the hang of it all ive only done slimfast so this is new territory but have to say im loving it,I dont feel deprived at all.I was told at meeting a spirit wud be half the length for forefinger to be 2 points so thats what Ill do.

Thank you for the help,im sure ill have more at somepoint.