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I can't stand vodka. I do wish spicey was free, though! lol
I got so excited at this thread, just aswell it isn't free tho or i would constantly be on the floor!x


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If it were free we'd be a bunch of raving alcoholics!!

Same with wine, it's made of grapes so why is this not free too? I used to call a glass one of my five a day :party0036:
I've just realised that in my profile picture I've got a voddy n coke in my hand!!!!! :8855:
of course it is!! I think it should be Synfree between the hours of 11pm and 6am!! especially on a saturday, and more so when mixed with Diet Coke, cos the zero syns in D.C should balance it out!!!


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I have substituted gin! I am convinced it should be calorie free on a Saturday!


Where's Skinny Minnie?
I agree! If I have a week when I seem to have slowed I use my syns for a bottle of wine and it boosts me along again - wonder why that is? I just have to be careful that it stops at a bottle and I don't get post drink munchies lol

Does anyone else find that they get drunk really quickly doing this diet though? I can feel tipsy on 1 and a half small glasses of red wine :eek: whereas I used to be able to drink plenty more than that! x


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Yeah it's because you probably drink less than you used to so your tollerance lessens. Also, the less you weigh the more it will affect you. You will also notice that when you have lost your first couple of stone you will be really cold!


Where's Skinny Minnie?
Oh no I hope not - I'm a right chilly willy already lol. I'll have to buy loads of smaller size jumpers :D at least I won't be worried about looking bulky in knitwear though!
I did notice the temperature difference when I dropped 4 stone before to the weight I started SW but I'm hoping it won't be so bad on the lower end of the scale x

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