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    I don't know what else to put really. Waaah. Am v annoyed with self. I had brilliant plans for coping with an event this weekend. In context, this is the end of week 2 on CD and have been doing really, really well, and was on track to lose enough to take me up to/past the first stone marker at my WI tomorrow night.

    Been to a family party, and worked out how to deal with the bbq. Take a plate, eat small amount chicken and salad, circulate. Didn't work out. SOOOO didn't work out.

    No barbeque.
    No circulating.

    Instead, cold buffet.....I joined in. Perhaps I shouldn't - but, hell, I did.

    Ok so I tried to make reasonable choices - had some proper peasanty ham (see 'ham' thread for explanation!); studiously avoided rice, pasta, potato salads. However, did eat - edamame salad; beetroot, hb egg, coronation chicken (yikes). And the worst, cheese, crackers, pate. Oh and a small amount of (thin crust) pizza. Like the fact that its thin crust makes a difference. And puddings. Less said the better.

    No circulating - everyone sat down to eat, so plan of losing plate uneaten didn't work either.

    What I did manage to do was not drink. Had to keep going up to the house to get water, but otherwise had orange squash, no doubt full of sugar - EVERYTHING soft was sugary...coke, lilt, oasis, juice. Gah.

    I did take a glass of red wine but didn't like it at all - i normally love red, so either my system just couldn't take the alcohol, or it was a nasty red (unlikely - a decent Merlot) so I accidentally spilt that.

    I'm SOOOOO disappointed with myself, and now dreading my WI. I'm glad I went to the event, but wish I had more self control.

    Today's lesson: planned weekends off don't work for me unless I just bin the whole thing and go bonkers.

    I'm not hungry - is there any chance AT ALL that I'm still in ketosis, or have managed to get back in again? If, essentially, this is day 1 for me, surely I should be bl**dy starving by now?

    have had all my packs, btw, except last night's - felt so sick, and full, that that wasn't really an option.

    Sorry. Whinge. Just so disappointed.
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  3. debz32

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    ermmmm....ketosis ?? don't think so after that lot ! lol

    never mind.....draw a line under it - and GET BACK ON TRACK NOW !!!

    these things happen, life gets in the way - but the important thing is that you get back on track - NOW - lots of water....

    Debz x
  4. Sunshine Singer

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    Hi fellow Auguster :) Poor you, it's a nightmare when these things happen. Start drowning in water lol. Fresh start xxx
  5. RuthG

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    Liz, I think you probably did way better than I would have done. I wouldn't have had the willpower to not eat every bit of naughty food!
  6. Lily

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    Nah, you're probably not in ketosis anymore, but it won't take long to get back into it. By my estimation, you didn't eat too many carby calories and you should burn them all off in a day or so.

    But hey, celebrate your success! You didn't eat anything like as much as you could've eaten, did you? You exercised some serious self-control there - well done, hun! :0clapper:

    So no feeling guilty, okay? You did really well in difficult circumstances!
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