waiting for 1st loss of 2010 & wi day changed due to snow


a new way of living!
S: 12st11lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(9.22%)
Hi all,

I usually weigh on a tue eve, and this has changed past week due to the snow, the week just gone was moved to sat (really good of my consultant to book a room for another day, she lives out the area and the snow has been bad). and this week it is on thurs, then next week back to a tue (hopefully) but i may change to a wed morn as i work late on a tue now in a new job.

when i got weighed last I had sts as I had eaten all the xmas left overs, had a little each day till it was all gone, and really pleased to have sts.

I am now nervous about wi as it will be less than a week since the last one, and I know it will balance out in the end, but I have not registered a loss since the new year, (gained 3lbs over xmas) and I am itching to say I am losing weight again!

It has been hard to break the habbit of something yummy everyday (i.e. chocolate and wine!) and have had a few extras over syns, just hope not had too much over!

also not been on the wii fit much yet either, new job and tired after work!

I want to set my wedding date for sept this year and dont want a size 18 wedding dress!

I am tracking again now, which at least lets me see what I am having, and finally stuck to less than 15 syns today, and ignoring the half bottle of wine left, and OH gave me a flap jack eariler, so I thanked him and gave it him back! I felt terrible as he bought it to cheer me up, and it did, but that doesn't mean i had to actually eat it! the thought cheered me up!

any one else waiting for their first loss this year? or had classes changed due to snow?

it is still snowing here! but should start clearing with the rain on thurs.
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I haven't had a weigh in since before Christmas because of snow and Christmas Eve/New Years Eve being my normal weigh in day and I have my first one on Thursday. I've been so naughty and am terrrified at the thought of how much I have gained! It's been so hard to stay motivated and has only been made worse by not knowing! I'm hoping tha by seeing how bad i've been over the festive period i'l be motivated again and can start losing!

Congrats on the up coming wedding! I'm sure you'll look beautiful whatever size you are. x


a new way of living!
S: 12st11lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(9.22%)
thanks sweetie :) my mum wants me to have a dress like a toilet roll holder! I am like - no way!!!!!!!! my arse is big enough as it is thanks without a hoop for added effect! lol


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Ah bless stick with it MsBlonde, you can do it..... I know its corny but slow and steady wins the race..... and it isnt even a race remember. Well done for resisting wine and flapjack, its so difficult to get back on track but you're doing it.... you'll get there and the rewards will be worth it ! I just need to take some of my advice now and stay positive too :)