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waiting for my class to start... ho hum...


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Now I've decided to do SW I'm impatient to start, but the class nearest me doesn't start until the 17th... is there a tapping foot smiley? :whistle:

Thought I might try some of the recipes on the w/site but not really sure what I'm doing so thought I should wait until I get all the bumph...

Ho hum......

Am with you all in spirit! Keep up the good work, it's keeping me inspired at least.. :clap:
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I ate my willpower!
On the SW website is a 7 day menu planner, so you can still do SW. Or you can buy the magazine and that has one in too with loads of yummy recipies too!


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Thanks spaceangel,

have found some really yummy looking recipes on SW and might give them a go.. not sure what I'm doing with syns, HE and all that malarky!

Won't hurt to try the recipes though in the meantime I suppose.. :)
Good luck once you get started properly xxx


I ate my willpower!
If you follow the 7 day thing, all that is worked out for you. Depends if you like the things on there though!!


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that's the thing.. not sure what to substitute but the more I think about it the more it seems like a good idea to use the time to try it out...


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Ta Rainbow... looking forward to getting stuck in... it's nice to feel so positive about starting a diet (or should i say healthy eating plan!). It's gotta help feeling that you can do it rather than not sure if you can...


I ate my willpower!
That's why I joined SW. I hate the feeling of being hungry. It hurts so much that it makes me cry! There are so many times while I was on WW that I cried at night because I had used all my points but I was still hungry and didn't like the point free soup etc.

When I joined SW in Jan I realised that this was one diet I knew I could stick too because, come 8 at night, if I was still hungry, I could have something and not feel guilty. The only reason I stopped the diet was because I fell pregnant (sadly miscarried) and it has taken me ages to get my head in the right place to join again.

So far I have been on it for 2 weeks and I am loving it. I have found my love of cooking again, instead of picking up the phone a dialling the takeaway (they knew my order and address just by the sound of my voice!).

I had been in denial about my weight for so long, and a friend showed me a pic she had taken of me on holiday on her phone and I suddenly realised how huge I am. I know now that there is no way I am going to cheat cos I don't want to be this big any more.

Sorry for my ramblings, but I really wish you well on SW and if you need any ideas or anything, just shout!


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spaceangel... I wish you all the best in getting back to SW. I'm sure now you've taken the steps to get back to it you'll racking up those losses in no time.

I love cooking too so am glad I can still enjoy my food and cook for my family and loose (hopefully) weight.

I lost 3 st on ww (obviously put it back on!) but can't be bothered to faff about with points and weighing everything. We are a pretty tight budget too so need to cook from scratch most days. It is heartening to see familiar foods on the SW recipes, things that I would cook normally.

Here's to success!
that's the thing.. not sure what to substitute but the more I think about it the more it seems like a good idea to use the time to try it out...
Just shout up if you wanna know if something can be substituted for something else and someone will be able to help Im sure xxxc
SpaceAngel - thats why I couldnt do WW, Im sure Id run out of points by about 3 in the afternoon! xxx
The class round the corner starts on the 17th.. have cut back on what I eat (if you don't count the trip to pizza hut today :giggle:). Have stocked up on Quorn and muller lights so all set!!
Have put the meet date in my diary.. although technically I'm live in Poole, I shall defect for the day!

Day not going well food-wise.. :sigh: Hey ho.. there's always next week :D

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