My sole (source) to soul life changing journey

Week 10 weigh in and the week ahead

Weight: 10st 13lbs (4.5lbs off, 2st 6lbs in total)
Measurements: 0.5 inch off hips

How do I feel about this?
So pleased! I'm now at my lowest weight since 2012!! It feels so good to break that 11 stone bracket and be down into the 10s after just 10 weeks on Cambridge. I'm super proud of myself! Fitting into smaller clothes each week and noticing the difference in how clothes fit me. Tunic tops look more like dresses on me now. And a pair of jeans that I could hardly pull up my legs a few weeks ago now fit me :)

Week 11 goal
The time has come to CELEBRATE! I set myself a 'mini goal' a month ago. If you've been following my diary you will remember...

From my week 6 weigh in entry: "I've booked a celebration meal at Hawksmoor in Manchester on 30th April - this is the day after my penultimate weigh in and the day before I go on a camping trip with Mark and friends. It's a steak place so I can try to keep it fairly low carb, however, I will hopefully have reached 11st by this point and want to celebrate that fact and reward myself with the first restaurant meal I'll have had in months."

I DID IT!! And I've been looking forward to this meal for weeks. I'm so excited to be going to a restaurant and eating a lovely meal and enjoying some wine and champagne!! I'm not going to feel guilty about it, I deserve a night off! I plan to get back on track food wise on the camping weekend, but still have a few gin and slimline tonics on fri/sat. Then I'll have sun/mon/tue to be totally Sole Source and undo any damage from the celebrations.
So I suppose my goal for next weigh in is just not to have gained anything! Would be superb to lose 1lb and be further down the 10s bracket, but I dread going back into the 11s - it's a fine line I'm treading this next few days.

Food thoughts
See above! One word: HAWKSMOOR! ;) I will report back on Monday!
Cheat meal review
I went to get my hair cut after work on Thursday, then off to Hawksmoor in Manchester for my first cheat meal in 10 weeks! Here's me feeling glam with a champagne cocktail before the meal...
I had the Champagne Charlie cocktail which was delicious, then the Roast Scallops cooked in tarragon sauce for a starter which were 10/10 divine!
For our main, we chose the 800g Porterhouse steak - this is the T-bone and sirloin cut. At Hawksmoor the cuts of meat are chalked up on a board in the restaurant so you choose the cut and weight you want. It was really expensive, £9 per 100g. To be honest it wasn't the BEST steak I've ever had, and I don't think I'd pay that much for it again. I'd probably choose something else from the menu next time. We ordered a selection of sauces to go with the steak - bone marrow gravy, anchovy hollandaise and stilton hollandaise. They were all gorgeous with the steak and also for dipping our side of triple cooked chips into :) Our other sides were roast mushrooms and lemon and garlic spinach.
We chose a Montepulciano red wine to go with our mains, which was £35. Very nice. Mark drank most of it as I'm not used to quaffing back so much wine after so many weeks on the diet!
The building/interior, service, cocktails, menu and vibe of the place were really special and worth the wait! I had a fantastic night and definitely recommend the Hawksmoor Manchester :)

It's weigh in tonight, so let's hope my cheat meal hasn't effected my progress toooo much! Results to follow tomorrow...
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