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Walked to work today :)


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good for you, hope you felt refreshed, i enjoy walking, spend a lot of time in the woods with the dog.
Thanks i do feel more awake this morning :) Was nice because Andreas walked half way to work with me because he was also walking to work and we kinda walk the same way. I feel good that i didnt use the car today and i am very happy with myself for walking out of choice :D xxx


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I started cycling to work last week and absolutely love it!!!
I'm sure you'll enjoy your new routine xxx
Well done!!
I am dog sitting as from tomorrow for a week & have planned some lovely long walks, it's school hols so will be dragging my son along I'm sure it will do all of us good, especially the dog (my mum is elderly & has problems with her legs & hips so the poor dog doesn't get out on long walks too often). I am really looking forward to it & hopefully will begin a new routine!
Well done Tasha keep it up xx


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Saves money too! :) I know what you mean though, last week I ended up walking back from work after both times I just missed the bus and thought that I'd be better off doing the half hour walk than just standing there in the cold for 20 minutes waiting. As uni is just up from where I work, I've decided that unless it's really horrible weather or something, I'm going to start just walking to and from both work and uni. Is good exercise and it saves me £3.30 a time, 4 days a week!


running strictly on fat!
Yep - I can't believe how much I saved in petrol last week.

Loving it xxx
Ooo i hope i can save lot on petrol too. Altho i never eally used that much as i just live around the corner from work haha. Well done caroline hun you must feel really proud of yourself and saving quite a bit of dosh too. That can help towards a treat when you reach a goal of yours hehe! Sorry i aint txt you in like FOREVER hun i have no free txts on my phone untill i top up on the 28th :( ~sobs~ How you keeping? Have a nice weekend? xxxx


Slimming down the aisle
Well I figure that saves me almost £15 a week, which if I put that in my CD fund brings the cost down to £30 a week, which isn't that much more than I normally spend anyway, so I can justify affording it more now! Also one of my friends from uni had to resit a semester last semester but is back up to 3rd year now, lives just around the corner so we're going to start walking together, means no lazy jump on the bus, it's a 10-15 minute walk in the wrong direction for the bus anyway, so it's pointless! We're doing the Race for Life together too, so will help with that hopefully too.

The 28th... that's ages away! I couldn't do without texts, I send a ridiculous amount a month, I probably make Orange regret giving me unlimited texts as a part of my contract!! I'm good though thanks, had the odd blip with CD over the past week, but I'm getting there! How are you? My weekend was alright, met up with a friend on Saturday which was really nice, Sunday was a pretty quiet day but had a big chat with a friend who I haven't properly spoken to in ages so was actually really nice in the end. How was your weekend? x
Ooo well sounds like you have had a lovely time :) I know i feel like my right arm has been cut off without my phone :( I cant reply no noone ~sobs~ I hate it haha! But when i can txt again be perpared to get txts off me again hehe! My weekend was lovely, my dad who i aint seen in a year took me and Andreas out for a meal friday and saturday which was lovely and i just had a SS+ day :) i am drinking loads of water today too trying to get my water intake up which i am finding really hard. your doing fab on CD hun keep up the good work <3 xxx


Slimming down the aisle
I'd feel like that too! I had 3 days without a phone when mine broke and I felt lost! I should go to phone rehab really... the number of texts I sent last month is a shocker!! Aww that sounds like a lovely weekend, well done just having it as an SS+ day and not blowing it, you did well. I'm starting to get really excited about the future and losing all this weight and stuff now, I think I'm starting to actually realise that I can do it if you know what I mean.
Tasha - walking to work is a very good idea. I may get inspired and go out for a little walk before I start work! It's been very cold and windy over the weekend so I haven't been out but it all seems calm outside and a good time to make a start!


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Unfortunately I work too far away from home to be able to walk :( but i have just joined the gym and am now going 4-5 times a week doing 20-30 minutes on the treadmill and then a round of weights. Hoping i can tone as i lose weight - can't bare the thought of getting to goal weight and then having to start from scratch with my fitness and toning! :) there's a common near where i live though so when the weather picks up might start going for walks round there, feed the ducks and all that! lol! :)
Good on you for walking to work Tasha - it's all very positive that you chose to do it ;)
Even better Tasha - good on you, it's great that Andreas is doing his best to support you too :)

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