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Wannabe a thinner mum

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by clokeybear, 2 September 2014 Social URL.

  1. clokeybear

    clokeybear Full Member

    Hi everybody!

    I joined slimming world about 3 months ago and have lost 2 stone. I've got another 3 stone to go I think and whilst I was riding quite high on my losses up until now, I feel like I've hit a plateau in my mindset and am struggling to keep focused and eat properly! I'm still roughly sticking to plan but feel like I'm not doing myself any favours as am skipping breakfasts and then just having picky things like mugshots for lunch. I've just lost my focus to plan my daytime meals properly. Evening meals aren't so bad as hubby keeps me on track there!
    I thought if I started writing some of these thoughts down it might help me pull myself together and also some of you lovely people might be able to help me get some focus and inspirations for my breakfasts and lunches!!
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  3. clokeybear

    clokeybear Full Member

    I have two beautiful boys who I love so much and one of my reasons for wanting to lose the weight is wanting to be able to be more energetic with them and for them to not be embarrassed by me!

    My weight problems have been ongoing for years! I was always big but was also really active as I swam for my school and local club and so trained most days but then I stopped swimming went uni and the lbs piled on. I think also because I was in a long term relationship when I went to uni, I wasn't really that fussed that the weight piled on.
    I've done Lighterlife, weight watchers, fast diet, calorie counting, the works! I lost a lot of weight (7 stone) 5 years ago with WW and LL but then I met my husband, drank and ate lots and then had my 2 boys and all of a sudden I found myself just a pound and a half lighter than I was at my heaviest 5 years ago!
    My mum and sister have never really been very supportive, they are those type of people, eat anything and everything and gain nothing! My sister particularly, has no idea at all and has come out with some pretty stunningly unsupportive comments in the past in relation to my weight loss in the past.
    I'm not really sure why I'm writing this now but I'm hoping it will help me to work some stuff out while I'm losing!
  4. clokeybear

    clokeybear Full Member

    Today's weigh in day and I'm not really sure what it brings for me. I didn't think I was showing a loss but then I've a tummy bug or something and have been throwing up this morning and don't really feel like eating either so will probably show a loss but not a real one!
    I need to pull myself together and get my focus back! I just don't really know how to do that at the moment!!
  5. clokeybear

    clokeybear Full Member

    So tonight was a bit of an eye opener for me. I was just hopping on the scales before I went to weigh in and my 2 and a half year old wanted to weigh himself too. He stood on the scales and weighed 2 stone 6.5lbs. When I weighed in this evening I had lost 3 lbs bringing me to a total of 2 stone 3.5lbs, just 3 lbs off my son's whole body weight. I try to avoid lifting him at all costs as he is HEAVY! But I was carrying 'him' everyday until I started to lose weight! It made me think about the other ways of comparing my weight loss.

    It's 4 times the weight of both of my children when they were born.
    It's the weight of an average microwave
    or 4 gallons of water!

    Just makes you think really! Anyway on with the next week!
  6. clokeybear

    clokeybear Full Member

    I went for my usual waxing today and for the first time in a VERY long time the paper knickers actually fitted. This probably sounds like a ridiculous thing to most people but for me that was a massive thing! I also cleared my wardrobe out and got rid some of my clothes that I'd shrunk out of. I only lost a pound this week but the paper knickers and the clothes clear out has been a far greater boost than just the scales!!
  7. clokeybear

    clokeybear Full Member

    I'm so peed off. I want to cry. I had to have an op yesterday. A laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. Having been on holiday for last weeks weigh in I hopped on the scales before heading off to hospital. I weighed 13 11, which was a weight loss of about 5 and a half pounds over the 2 weeks, which I was really chuffed with. Off I went, I was nil by mouth until I went down to theatre at 9 and came back just before 12. Granted I didn't have a good lunch, a panini off the hospital menu but then had a slimming world meal when I got home. Anyway, I stood on the scales and I've gained HALF A STONE!

    IN 24 HOURS!

    I'm devastated. I know I'm bloated and I know it could be gas, but HALF A STONE?

    So instead of heading to my weigh in to collect my 2.5 stone award, which I thought I would be doing, I'm sitting on my sofa feeling very sorry for myself!
  8. Tigger.88

    Tigger.88 Silver Member

    Sorry to hear you had surgery hope your recovering well .. Don't be too disheartened you are probably retaining water and bloated etc ...re weigh yourself in a few days.

    Your doing fantastic so far....I bet you will get your 2.5 award next weigh in!


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  9. clokeybear

    clokeybear Full Member

    Thanks tigger - I hope so!

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