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  1. skinny-me

    skinny-me Full Member

    Hi everyone, im new to minimins and i have just started lipotrim today, so thought i would start a diary about my journey.

    I am 23 years old, 15stone, 13lb :cry: and i am the heaviest i have been in my life.
    I tried to start lipotrim once before, got to day 2 where i was freezing and had a blinding headache and talked myself out of it and went on a binge! SAd but true!

    I must admit i have been following all of your posts for the past week (semi-stalking your weight loss in awe) and ive finally decided to take the plunge and give it another go!

    I am going on holiday in March to the US so i hopefully will have taken off a couple of layers of my fat suit by then and reveal the new me!! :cool:

    Looking forward to getting to know you all, and hopefully one day inspire other people, like you have all inspired me to get started!!

    Much Love,
    Skinny-Me xx
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  3. deflating

    deflating Full Member

    Good on you, the only battle is the first wek or so, after that it's a doddle. just keep posting on here to stay focused.

    Good luck!
  4. mariemoore

    mariemoore Full Member

    good luck, i started, on the 20/10/08 weighing 15stone 3 , lost 9lbs last week and weighing wensday this week a day late as girl from chemist is off i think judging from scales ive lost about 6lbs happy as can be confirm tommorow , mariex
  5. skinny-me

    skinny-me Full Member

    wow god job marie, thats a great loss, how are you finding it?

    I cant imagine not eating food for months, its going to be hard, but im trying to stay positiveand hopefully reach my target!

  6. Pearly

    Pearly Full Member

    Great that you are joining us - you won't regret it. Good luck for your first week.:D
  7. Fat-girl-slim

    Fat-girl-slim Full Member

    Welcome Skinny-Me, good luck, you can do it.
  8. Cathy

    Cathy Silver Member

    Hiya Skinny-me and welcome.
    Like the others say, keep drinking and keep posting. You'll be fine. xxxx
  9. fragglerock64

    fragglerock64 Silver Member

    welcome skinny-me as you stated take i day at a time the 1st week is the hardest focus on that day dont worry about tomorrow
    were all here to support you just let us know
    dont forget to drink water
    all the best
  10. skinny-me

    skinny-me Full Member

    Thanks everyone for the replies, well i got through the first day, had a really hot bath & a face mask last night whilst my family were eating their dinner.
    I was soo tired though and fell asleep by 8.30 last night(even my nana stays up past 9 :giggle:) and i woke up with a banging headahe and my totm :wave_cry: but strangely enough im not hungry? so wierd!
    Anyway heres to day 2 :girlpower:x
  11. mariemoore

    mariemoore Full Member

    had weigh in lost 6and half pounds, pleased ive lost one stone one and half pound now in two weeks, yippeeee, ,dont get me wrong ive had days ive felt i could scoff my face its taken all my willpower to get through those moments , i want to look good and the last week ive seen my clothes getting looser that is an incentive , heres to week 3 ,mariex
  12. skinny-me

    skinny-me Full Member

    wohoooooooooooooooooooooooo well done Marie:party0049: fair play to you, im so excited to get through this week, so determined not to give up! good luck for week 3 x
  13. mariemoore

    mariemoore Full Member

    get through first week, when you get weghed its a fantastic feeling when youve lost your on a high , ive dieted for many years never have i found a diet like this that enables me to lose weight as i have over the two weeks, make sure you drink plenty of water, try and make your shakes weaker with more water thatll help towards your intake of water i get two drinks out of one sachet, also add ice to shakes in blender lovely, make hot choc by blending shake and cold water in blender then putting in a mug in microwave for one min, lovely add one spoon coffee to vanilla to make a lattee when yove blended put in micro nice hot or cold made with ice, good luck , i must say without a blender the shakes are awful ,you need a blender or hand wisk to mix up well theres such a difference when i first started i mixed by hand until i was told to blend now there great, if you dont put so much water to the shakes when you add ice and blend there a bit like a thick macdonalds shake diet form lol, mariex
  14. skinny-me

    skinny-me Full Member

    Thanks marie, great advice! I have a shaker which mixes the shakes well for me, particularly handy in work. I find i have to make my shakes watery otherwise i cant drink them. Mite try hot chocolate tonight as totm and im craving chocolate right now. Have you tried the chicken soup yet?...most people say its horrible but i think it mite be a god-send over the winter, god knows why i didnt do this diet over the summer when i wouldnt mind all the water! :rolleyes:
    Im dinking 4 litres water a day, im not finding it a tough today as yesterday. x
  15. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

    Welcome and good luck. Getting through the first week is the biggest challenge but it does get easier!

    I find I'm drinking less water these days but gallons more hot black coffee coz I prefer my shakes cold!!!!

    Take care and post here whenever it gets tough - it's the best way to get through the rough patches.

  16. skinny-me

    skinny-me Full Member

    THanks cuddlyfairy, im on Day3, and im feeling ok, altho i still have a headache!
    I had a dream about food last night:rotflmao: how sad is that??? :eek: i dreamt i cheated on this and i was really mad at myself, until i woke up and realised im still on track phew!
    Going to try some chicken soup for lunch as havnt had anything hot for the past few days!
  17. BlackRose

    BlackRose Gold Member

    HEY!!! You've nothing to lose but lbs so get stuck in!! You'll have no doubt seen how great this forum can be so use it to your advantage. You'll be a skinny minx by march if you do this properly -all you have to do is learn to enjoy it.

  18. skinny-me

    skinny-me Full Member

    Thanks BlackRose, im getting very excited about this journey, and i must admit logging on here pushes me along.
    Just had chicken soup.... surely thats not actually supposed to be for human consumption??? :eek: never again!! x
  19. gonnadoithistime

    gonnadoithistime Full Member

    Oh i got 4 chicken soup is it really that bad i did read you can add things to it cant you ? mb a bit of chilli powder? i got 4 packs of it ! arghh!
  20. skinny-me

    skinny-me Full Member

    Ah stop it was horrible, and strangely i didnt enjoy it being warm, i like my cold shakes!! So i am going to battle my way through the 5stone weight loss jungle armed with only strawberry shakes :D
    Have you started yet hun?
  21. Fat-girl-slim

    Fat-girl-slim Full Member

    Yes you can, you can also add curry powder.
    I haven't tried the soup myself, I have heard so many state it tastes like cardboard so I didn't risk it, I have also heard many say it tastes good with the curry powder though so chin up, you may just like it.
    My sister started today and got 1 soup to try, so she is my Guinea Pig :D

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