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want to do ll,.... very very nervous about it.

I have contacted a llc in Bromley, does anyone know the Bromley counsellor, i am very nervous, because i have just changed my Gp, and i hope that my new gp will be happy to sign the form, i am well and not sick and not on any meds. If i can't start in October then would you advise me to wait until jan 2009?? any offers, advice i would be grateful, also i feel so scared, but i want to to it, because i have failed many many diets in the past and even did CD, i lost 3 stones but just could not find the motivation to continue and decided that i need CBT, hence ll.
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Hi hun, i'm in the same position as you. Just waiting to get my forms signed. But unfortunaltey i do have an illness and i am on medication so i'm not sure if i'll be able to do LL.

I shouldnt think it would be a problem for your GP to sign the forms if you're well and not on any meds. Some GPs are abit funny about the diet and refuse to sign the form because of reasons such as they dont want to be held responsible for anything or they dont like the programme. If your GP doesnt sign the form you can try going to a private GP who should be ok to sign the form for you but charge you for it aswell. Yout LLC might even know of a GP who would be happy to sign the form for you.

If you cant start in October, i would personally start as soon as you get your forms signed and when another groups starts. I would do it now when your mind is in the right place. I too have done CD in the past and have been trying to restart for ovr a year now. I think LL is a great diet to do if you want to benefit from the CBT which will hopefully help you to address your issues with food and hopefully keep the weight off.

Let us know how you get on. xx
Hi Clarins

I started last week and have my first weigh in tonight. I have found this week fine, only had a couple of headaches and not really craved food too much. I feel really great about myself already because I have stuck to it 100%! I cant wait until the weigh in tonight.

I was really nervous about the GP form its all I thought about for days but he weighed me and took my blood pressure etc. He was very nice and spoke to me about exercise etc then signed the form. A few people on here GPs have refused to sign the form but have gone back to their LLC who has advised them alternative GP's or private Drs who will sign it for you, so it really shouldn't be a problem. As long as your BMI is over 29 and you are not unwell or on any medications that would be effect by LL.

I had to wait 6 weeks to get a start date, I was really wanting to start in Sep so I would be finished for Christmas but to be honest the wait really helped be focus and so excited to start. I would advise you to start as soon as you get a date, I know the thought of not having Christmas dinner and drinks is a little daunting but in reality there will always be a reason for putting it off. I will behaving chicken soup for my Christmas dinner but ill be slimmer, happier and well on my way to goal and completing the 14 weeks. Go for it you can do it!
hi Emszci, you have made my day, i will go for it!!, it may take weeks to get on the programme and start, but i will do it, i will let you know how i get on and when i start.
Hi there, I've tried eveything including CD but this is the easiest diet I've ever done. Just look at my ticker and you can see it's a success. I only started in April!
Hi Clarins

That's great your going to go for it, it will be the best thing you have done. Get the wheels in motion book your introductory meeting, book your GP appointment for just after it. Just cause you haven't started yet doesn't mean you cant come on here, I lurked around here the whole 6 weeks I was waiting. Ask loads of questions no matter how silly they seem.

Look fwd to seeing how you get on!

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