Wanted - drink additives


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Does anyone know of alternative water flavourings that can be used that do not contain aspartame or other artificial sweetners? I am soooo bored of water and will not take the CD flavourings because of aspartame additives:mad:, so am struggling to get through my 2.25 minimum requirement a day. I actually felt physically sick from drinking so much water yesterday, that I have had only two glasses today.:eek:
On another note, if coffee and tea are duretics then why are they allowed on the CD :confused: - is this why some people can drink so much water because they also drink a lot of tea and coffee?
Oh, and one last thing - since starting the CD I cant have coffee - I have tried coffee without milk and sugar and cant stomach it - is there an alternative to milk that can be used and sugar the can be used that is not as mentioned previously an artificial sweetner?
In the warmer weather I drank quite a bit of sparkling water for the change in taste and sensation (I liked it with flavouring in too). As Isobel says there are some infusions you can have, but only leaf based ones, not flower or berry. I couldn't comment on what is nice there, they all taste like cardboard to me!
thanks for the comments.
I have tried peppermint tea which I do like, and I only drink sparkling water at work cause I can drink that easier that still water.
I thought that teas and coffees didnt add to the quota of 2.25l required per day. I believed the water had to be by itself (not duretic)? Am I wrong in the assumption??
Erm well - some CDCs say that your tea and coffee should be separate from your water allowance but the official guidelines are that you can include them (as far as I know, that's stayed the same).

I'm a CDC and find it really hard to drink plain water - hence copious amounts of weak peppermint tea. Personally, I've found it doesn't affect my weight loss at all (so long as the tea is from the leaf etc).
This will seem really weird but I drink most of my water hot. It warms me up and seems easier to drink somehow. I also try to drink when I'm eating, so alternate spoonfuls of soup with sips of water. Makes me feel I've eaten more.
Have you tried a spoonful of Vanilla Shake in your coffee, Im not a coffee drinker but Ive read it before, also what about that perf clear strawberry and kiwi??? Again I havent tried it but it might help
I couldn't cope with black coffee & added a spoonful of vanilla or cappucino to coffee, which were fine. I was never a big coffee drinker anyway, but it was nice to be able to have one now & again & it helped to have the variety.

I too love peppermint tea, green tea (full of antioxidants) & also Rooibos tea, which is nicer than just plain black tea.

I did the CDC training last weekend & they did say you should try and get as much of your water quota from plain water, but for people who couldn't cope with this then to use it in other drinks is fine. At the end of the day if you're only drinking black tea, you're still putting water into your body.