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Wanting to return, but advice needed please...


This is the last time!!
I'm not sure how many people here will remember me, but last year I successfully lost 3.5 stone using SS. I stopped for a couple of reasons, mainly due to my hair falling out and lack of support from CDC.

My hair is regrowing and I have made contact with a new CDC. I have put on around 1 stone 9lbs, all my own fault because I haven't been sensible. I am seriously tempted to restart but I am terrified that my poor hair will fall out again.

Has anyone who has had hair loss before restarted and not had it as a side effect second time round? I have a function to go to in 6 weeks time and would love to be a coupel of stone lighter for it, it's our first ever 'mess' do (hubby in forces) and I dont want to look a frump and feel like I stand out for all the wrong reasons. Also, all of my new size 16/18 clothes dont fit now and I am in 20's again *sigh*. I'd love to go in to that do in a size 16 dress and feel good about myself, and look great next to my hubby in his smart kit.

I did post a similar thread on the returners board but dont think many folk frequent it, so hoped that people on here may be able to help me out.

Thanks, and Hi to anyone who remembers me!

Jan xx
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Hi, I think maybe you should have a chat with your doctor about the hair loss and see if he/she recommends trying CD again. I suffered thinning hair a few years back when i was diagnosed with a thyroid problem, so i understand why you don't want to lose it again. I wish you luck in what ever you decide to do.


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I too started loosing hair. I came off cd and had a fresh new cut. I've been on a proper restart for about a month now, and mine is ok. Now I dont know if it will be the same for you, so not sure what advice I can really give.
Good luck though x


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The problem is, losing hair temporarily can be a side effect of any diet, not just CD. But as you know (cos it's growing back!) the hair doesn't die. It's just that more hairs are lost at the same time during the normal shedding cycle, so it feels as though more hair is being lost.

Have a look at this: Weight Loss, Hair Loss and Low Carb - Low Carb

I'm not saying it isn't worth checking out with a doctor, cos it might be. But I suspect you're pretty normal in this. I know I start to lose hair at around the 3 month mark. Luckily I have very thick hair, so it's not really a problem (other than there being hair absolutely everywhere :rolleyes:).

Was there a 3 month-ish gap before your hair loss became more noticeable, do you remember? Cos if there was, and your do is in 6 weeks... Just thinking. :)

I suspect that no other diet could give you the results you'd like in 6 weeks. So it comes down to making a choice between being thinner or having thicker hair...



This is the last time!!
Thanks ladies! My hair loss came in at around the 3 months mark like you said....it was awful, literally handfuls of it came out whenever it was touched, and when it was washed it was just terrible seeing all the poor hair swilling around the plughole!
I too had thick hair so no bald spots, just some very thin areas.

Anyways, spoken to CDC and she's coming on Sunday with 2 week's worth of stuff for me :D. I know I can do it, hubby has promised to help me stay on track if I feel tempted, and we've sorted out the cellar so that the cross trainer is accesible and raring to go. I feel really motivated and hope that it continues. Going to start this week by cutting back on carbs and stopping snacking. I'm really going to miss my lovely fruit though......summer fruits are always so appealing! never mind, short term pain for long term gain (not weight, obviously, I mean gaining my life back!) eh?

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