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**warning** Asking a question about drinks.....sorry!!!

Hi peeps

Sorry to ask a question here about 'food' - though its a drink really....but I am desperate, and I need a large audience so hopefully someone will know.

I have been here in the UK 7 years - this is my 8th Christmas here - and in all this time I have not had ONE Egg Nog, because I cannot find it anywhere on this here island, and I would LOVE to tast a little bit of home at Christmas time.

Has anyone, ever, seen it anywhere? And if so - where??

Again - sorry for mentioning food.

Thank you!!!
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not sure about ready made but cant you make one using advocat?
and lemonade or is that a snowball?
cant ever remember
what is in an egg nog? never had one myself

Well, its kind of like a milky-custardy drink - its made from eggs, cream and spiced wiht cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves - you mix it wiht a shot of brandy and sprinkle nutmeg on the top.

Its GORGEOUS...and a very traditional Xmas drink. I miss it.

Thanks for the info everyone!! Will check that site out Guy! Fingers tightly crossed! :D
Bl. Check out Lets Eat American Home they have it there. Sorry can't post direct link. I'm on my mobile.

Also, there's a pretty good martha Stewart video podcast out there where she makes it from scratch.
:eek: Oh my god - there goes the diet!!! :rotflmao: :D

Thanks Guy - they do have it at an insanely expensive cost - but at least its there if nowhere else.

As are LOADS of other old favourites!!! :D

Good thing I'm not interested in them anymore. ;). No - really. REally. I think? hehehehe :D


Gone fishing
We used to have it at Christmas. Think we used to make it ourselves.

Very 70's though :D
i saw some in Selfridges food hall today. Not sure where you are though BL so not sure if you have one near by!

SO EASY TO MAKE and much nicer home made - as well as fun perfecting the recipe.
It's not the same as a Snowball, much thicker, richer and alcoholicer!!

Use your stick blender and a jug.
Depends how thick you like it.
The thickest creamiest way is to separate the eggs, whisk the egg white separately and fold them in at the end.

The usual way is to get
4eggs, blend with 2 desert spoons of sugar, a few drops of natural vanilla essence , add about half pint milk, bourbon and or rum to taste and blend until frothy.Then gently add about half pint thick cream (double) to give it that luxurious velvety texture.
Pour it into glasses and sprinkle a little nutmeg on the top.
Watch the smiles on the faces, yum yum.

The most fun part is tasting it as you go along to get the recipe right.
Much better than bought stuff !!!!
Go girl. Make it your own speciality. A recipe is only what someone else has made up.

Thanks guys. I have been reluctant to make it myself because of the whole raw egg issue.....but I did find a recipe for 'cooked', which I would be more likely to get the family to have...lol...so we'll see.

Tht sounds nice though SB!! THank you! Maybe I will make it and just SAY its all cooked!! :D hehe


Do a little dance!
Ah, Guy beat me to the Let's Eat site.

Where I get the majority of my states fix!

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