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WARNING!!LT Drink mix splat all over kitchen

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New Years eve. at a friends house. Now, they only moved in to this new, and I mean brand new built place in September, so it's all brand spanking new.
Anyway, as things were getting going, I nipped to the kitchen to 'do' my shake. I always take water from the kettle as its better to have it boiled previously. Well, I didn't realise that the water had just been boiled and was piping hot. So I poured it into the shaker, as you do, followed by the powder, closed the lid, gave it a violent shake, as you do, and......................................................................................................

OMG the lid shot off and 600 ml of hot chocolate LT shake was everywhere.......all over my clothes, face, hair.... all over the clean new posh kitchen and of course all over the prepared food.
I would have paid any money to be shot dead there and then.
I ran out the back door, and escaped to my car. By the time I was in a frame of mind to phone the hosts, someone had already discovered the mess and they were not happy at all.
And that was my NYE party.

So, don't put hot water into the shaker, NEVER, I certainly won't.

Welcome to all newbies and welcome back to all of us old'ons.
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Is thinking positive!
:D Sorry I had to laugh at your post :p

You could have cleaned the mess up you sod :D

I did it once with my chicken soup and went all over my cooker and microwave... it so annoying :mad::D


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oh dear - warning heeded :)

thats the sort of thing i would do! lol.
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OMG sorry but I cant stop laughing!! Ya must have been mortified!! Ah bless ya
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Hi sorry but that really made me laugh I can just picture you scurrying out of the back door, did you fess up or just play dumb

xx Sharron


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WARNING!!LT Drink mix splat all over kitchen

lol,lol,lol! When I had a messy vanilla explosion in my kitchen first time on TFR, I learnt my lesson -or so I thought! A few days ago I mixed choc. with hot water in shaker: KA-BOOOOMMMM!!!!!!
Now lesson well and truely learnt!
Easily Done

I did the same thing with a chicken soup in a Hotel Room. Was away on business and escaped to my room for my lovely soup - thought it would be great nice and hot - covered the TV and room and bed and me in my suit with the soup. Had a meeting at HQ the next day so spent the night washing suit in sink and trying to dry with hairdryer out of the drawer - not to mention that I had burns all over my hands from the Hot Water.....Never again


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Yup done that one too. I didn't have the top on right. But you gotta laugh hey! However on the downside it means ur one shake down and I had no spare.

Lmao off though. Doh!


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That did make me laugh. Have done the same but not in such style :)
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hey I'm still shuddering at the embarrasment, but wth it was worth it just to make y'all laugh. Keep ya funny stories coming !!!!
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Did ya own up though or just let them keep guessing?
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I went in the next evening with a small prezzie and tried to explain the ups downs ins and outs of LT, they seemed to think i was off ma rocker. I still they were still not happy,,, you should have this.. you should have that.... bla bla
S: 20st7lb C: 20st7lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
well ya had more guts that i had....lol. So do ya think they will let ya come back?

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