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warning - sensitive information


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I know some people will not want to read this but it has shocked me into taking even more action, ( its been one of them days) so thought id share, however i know sometimes you dnt want the obvious stated or noses rubbed in it ( its not my intention xxxx ). But I seem to take notice of facts , not someone talking at me but proven facts. for example ive given up diet coke as excessive consumption has been proven to give you the liver of an alcoholic ( i used to drink nothing else and im talkin over 12 cans a day ! ) so back to te point in question, i googled side effects of being overweight, in less than 5 mins i got
Coronary heart disease
Shortness of breath
Heart attack or cardiac arrest
Rapid or irregular heart beat
High blood pressure
Sleep apnoea
High cholesterol
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Breast cancer
Cirrhosis and hepatitis
Cancer of the oesophagus
Renal cell cancer
Kidney failure
Type 2 diabetes
Bowel cancer
Cancer of the endometrium
Fertility problems

Im sure theres more but that was 5 mins work. Now im not thick, or overly smart but im off to university and even so i never realised how much was related to weight issues

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OMG. Thats quite shocking. Many of them are obvious (diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure) but a few shocked me more than i thought. Even more reason to keep focused on SW!!

I rate myself as a fairly intelligent chick too Jaxmummy,but there are always going to be a million new foods/drinks/materials or fuels that we will be told to avoid at all costs to give us a longer life!

As the old saying goes "everything in moderation"!

How is life without your Diet Coke? I gave up drinking it 5 years ago when i attempted the LighterLife programme....i found it relatively easy, but i know some people who are truly addicted to the stuff..


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Wow! That is scary when you list it like that! It's a good thing we're all going to be out of that category soon enough :)

K xx


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S: 17st0lb C: 17st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 40.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
it doesnt bother me now i tried to give up a few times but the headaches were awful. This time it clicked tho as i had blood tests and had a abnormal liver function ( docs even asked if i had a drink problem ) turns out it was the diet coke


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How much is "excessive" though. I'd say 12 cans a day, yup, but that doesn't mean you can't have the occasional can.

And remember, it's unhealthy to be TOO slim too.

Everything in moderation.
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Oh my gosh! That's really shocking!!! :eek: Hopefully we will all be out of those categories soon :) x


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A few months back when I attended class some people were having weeks where weight loss wasn't what they were expecting & those weeks they had been drinking large amounts of diet coke etc so they cut it out the following week with dramatic results. As the consultant said SW would never say don't drink it as it is free however there are def some people who retain fluid when drinking it. Worth a try or at least cut down if you can't give up completely.


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i used to have a fizzy drink addiction - diet and full fat!

I did the Lipo Trim programme which is similar to Lighterlife and i am happy to say that fizzy drinks just don't do it for me anymore!

I actually prefer cordial drinks now and tea/coffee.

I think to get over fizzy drinks you need to go cold turkey on them


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S: 17st0lb C: 17st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 40.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
i did and been diet coke free for almost 3 weeks lol, was a hard addiction to break but i dnt miss it now


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What i also found shocking is when i searched aspartame, it's found in many sugar free products, that's why i struggle to drink enough on sw cos diet drinks often have it in.
although you know it's not healthy, you don't often see it in front of you like that and it is shocking what we are doing to ourselves! Here's to making our bodies healthy!! x


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Most of those are related to severe obesity rather than a couple of stone overweight but shocking nonetheless.

A year ago I swapped all but my first coffee of the day for green/red tea and all my DC for flavoured sparkling water. I felt much better for it almost instantly.

The biggest proof you need that losing weight (SW in particular) is making you healthier is by going back to your old diet for just one day then see how sluggish and sick you feel. It makes you wonder how you ever ate like that!

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