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Was it for real or a nightmare

Hi all, Im new here and I would love to know if anything like this has happened to anyone..something woke me up this morning, I suddendly realised that I had tears rolling down my face.:cry: Im sure it must have been a really bad nightmare,I hope it wasnt for real.Having got up in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep I crept into the kitchen, then went into the dustbin and eaten the remains of the kids leftover pie and chips from the chippy the night before.:eek: I was so disgusted with myself and Im sure that this where the tears had come from as I was so upset....Can the LL plan give you really bad dreams/nightmares, as this happened to anyone before, and why is it I dream about food when I cant have any??:eek:
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Morning Bumpy!

I have lots of nightmare type dreams since I started LL. They are usually the scenario that I have eaten loads of anything, and I am about to be weighed...

Last night it was a huge plate of sauasage rolls. (I think because one the children in class had a birthday on Fri, and his Mum brought in loads of party food for the class to share!) It has been all sorts of different things, but with the end result that I wake up feeling absolutely dreadful, guilty, sad, hopeless...you name it!

Do you think it is because we are so very restricted and we worry about about it sub-conciuosly?

I am constantly thinking about food, when can I have my next foodpack! Im sure its from years of thinking what am I going to eat next, and having no self control.


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I've mentioned this to my hubby that I keep dreaming that I've ate something and then after I've ate it realised that I shouldn't have and then I'm really upset and sad that I've cheated. It's really strange - I've come to the conclusion that it's because I'm constantly surrounded by food that I know I can't eat and I'm so conscious of only eating the packs that it's now entered my dream world.

So don't worry bumpybean it's not just you :)

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Hi yes I had the same thing too, I had an afternoon nap early on in LL after cooking my familiy a sunday lunch - when I woke I was really angry with myself as I was CONVINCED I had eaten it too......

I had dreamt I had eaten it - very strange indeed.

I have not had any dreams like that in ages, so it will get better.


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I've had dreams too where I've eaten or drank something then remembered I was on LL and been really upset with myself.

I think as it's such a huge change in your life and so much is riding on doing LL that your worries and fears manifest themselves in your dreams.


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Awww bless you, Yes it happens to me, particularly if my family has eaten a meal of one of my (old) favourites. I think I can very easily put on a front and not be bothered, but most of us at sometime feel like we could kill for that food again! I then usually go to bed and dream about food, or have sad dreams! I am sure its just emotions, you can't help it, its like the dreams, you start to learn to control it.
It gets better when you start to have more confidence and then you dream about a particular someone you shouldn't... if you know what I mean lol (wink wink)
Im pleased im not the only one it has happened to, I did doubt myself.I actually had to check in the bin and make sure all the leftovers were actually there!
Oooh I have really vivid reams too.. mostly centred around food.. but they're far from nightmares.. funny them seem to be around sweetthings when I'm actually a savoury person..
This thread really hits home for me. DH actually recorded me last night sleepwalking/talking singing a stupid song about a seven layer burrito and burrito supreme from Taco Bell in the US and then I was begging him for food. An omelette with cheese, a piece of cheese, a ryvita, and chocolate fairy cakes straight off the pan hot. I was horrified to think that I actually might have eaten if he hadn't been there to steer me back to bed.
I think about food, buy food magazines, watch the food channel and general plan how we are going to eat when I come off LL. It's all so healthy when I'm awake, but when I'm asleep I'm committing the ultimate sin and dreaming about yummy bad food.
OMG thought it was just me! I have had 2 dreams about eating then suddenly remembering I am not supposed to! I wonder if when we have finished the programme we will dream we can't eat and wake up happy that we can?!
Has anyone actually eaten anything , Im worried to actually fall asleep tonight in case I do get up and eat something:confused:


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I woke up this morning convinced I had just eaten a packet of skips :eek:
I was gutted! Thankfully it was just a dream! (i checked the bin for an empty packet though, just to be sure!)
No Bumpy, though I've dreamt I have a few times thankfully they were only dreams :)

I had to check the dustbin to make sure that the kids leftovers were still there,and I hadnt eaten anything thank goodness :D
I used to dream I'd eaten at the beginning but that seems to have stopped now. My husband also had a dream I'd been eating and was very worried because he knew how upset I'd be!


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I actually found the opposite happened. Before LL my sleep was always interruped by bad dreams and I often woke hubby up shouting, walking about, etc. Since doing LL SS, I slept like a baby! It was great.

I recently started back with the dreams again (now on Management) and a couple of weeks ago went downstairs during the night to look for my car keys and hide them from a 'burglar'. Well, the next morning I could not remember where I'd hidden them! Had to use my husbands spare set! Luckily they eventually turned up behind one of the cushions on the couch! In the past I have nearly left the house (naked) to rescue a gerbil from my cat's mouth. There was no cat there and certainly no gerbil!


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gosh i have these dreams all the time, i have woken crying my eyes out convinced that i have ruined it all and stuffed my face, the most memorable was thinking i had eaten macaroni cheese, i was sobbing when i woke up, weird as i dont even like macaroni cheese???it is really regular at least once a week, and it is soooo real ,so glad i am not on my own
nat xxx

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