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Wasted Syns??

I bought last week Tesco's Cheese and Leek Sausages, thinking that they would be good syn wise... lol. They are NOT :mad:. Are these going to be wasted syns at 4.5 each or should I save them to a weak moment when I feel like something naughty?

I was thinking about have them tonight with some tinned spagetti in tomato sauce and some SW chips... but if they aren't good syn value I won't have them and have some nice Salmon instead as a HEXb.

Has anyone had this, do they taste good enough to be worth 4.5 syns?
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Not evil at all
Not tried these sausages, at 4.5 syns each I would probably keep them in the freezer until I was skint lol.
Glad to know that they taste yummy, I think I will save them for a really weak moment and have my salmon instead!

I am on a green day. If I don't have bread or ryvita during the day, can I use my salmon as a HEXb? And maybe the other HEXb 2 x Alpin lights?


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IMO no syns are wasted syns - they are there to use on things that you can't have freely. So, if you want decent tasting sausages as opposed to cardboard quorn or WW then use the syns on them I say!!


Never gets tired of SW!
Yes, if it was me, I'd put them in the freezer and on days that I can both afford the syns and have a 'gotta have a sausage' moment, hey presto!! Velvet Crunch crisps are in my cupboard ready for 'gotta have crisps' moments and are 4.5 syns so why not do it with a sausage?!XXX
I wasted lots of syns on Monday. I was most fuffed off. The bus was late, they don't like you eating cereal at your desk after your contractual start time, so there was my weetabix gone for a burton, so I popped into Boots and grabbed a Shapers yoghurt, because that MUST be either free or low syns right?

Pfft. I shall know in future!

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