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wat to do...

Well as u all probably know i joined sw just after xmas and stuck to it for one week and gave up, :argh:story of my life, im rubbish! iv just been tryin to eat healthily but not really movin to much on the scales, i luv sw but prob is i luv cereal etc to like cheerios etc but i suppose i cud always syn these on sw, anyway my dilemma is, i am trying for a baby, just came of my pill end of last month but ideally would like to lose weight, wat do u think is best to do?try and follow sw at home myself, as i know this plan is safe to do even if i did become pregnant or try to “eat healthily”, i would really appreciate all your advice as when i do become pregnant i dont want to end up the size of a house lol

:gen147: xxx
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aww good luck on trying for a baby hun, there is a board here for ladies who are doing SW while pregnant so you'll get lots of info and support here....also think you have to let your doctor/midwife know about it when the time comes x


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Don't try and follow it; follow it!
The sooner you do, the more chance you having of falling pregnant :)
do u think go back to sw?xx
It's up to you which plan you use, although you should remember that you can't expect to eat the same foods as before you started dieting and still lose weight.

Personally I love sw, and feel it really is just a normal, healthy balanced diet.
yeah i no ur right, i luv it to but i always find an excuse, think its time to give up with the excuses, as i really need to lose it especially as im tryin and its somethin i can still do when i do fall pregnant xx
The thing with excuses for dieting is that the only person you're letting down is yourself.
o i no that xx
Cuz i was goin with a friend who drives and the class is too far away for me to get to and wud cost to much in taxi (as i already pay travel to work, i cudnt afford it) and she gave up so i did too i did follow it myself for little while but just wasnt in right frame of mind as had a lot goin on but im sorted now and think il finally be able to follow it xx
I'd definately give SW another whirl, if you can't get to class do it from home & do as you have done come on here for help.

If you still have your SW books take a look in there what cereal you can have as a hexb. Of if you like a sweet cereal you can have puffed wheat with a scan bran (could be ryvita can't remember), or weetabix with sweetner, there are so many to chose from I'm sure you'll find one which you like. You can always substitute yogurt for milk if you are doing EE & need milk for your drinks.

SW is for life it's not a quick fix:D
yep i agree 100% with u :) still have my books etc and a load of magazine so im sure il be fine :) started today again and goin well :) i no sw like the back of my hand so i dont really need class :)im quite able to do it alone :) xx
that is the nearest one to me elle bear there is 3 near me but they all require gettin a taxi, do u no how much it costs online?xx

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