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Watch Sugarsnappea shrink!

I thought this would be a good idea to keep track of my emotions, and remind myself how great it feels to drop a few more pounds, so's not to reach for the bikkie tin!

So I started at 12 stone 7, constantly uncomfortable in my clothes - covering up everything.
I still have the clothes in my wardrobe from 2 years ago when I was a size 10-12.
I want to be this person again. Confident, happy, HEALTHY.

I have lost 9 pounds to date and have only been going for 3 weeks. I am so chuffed with myself as I have NEVER got below 12 stone before without being on a liquid diet. You should have seen me shake my naked booty in the bathroom when I weighed less that 12. My size 14's are feeling good on me now ;)

Today is ok - though I am constantly hungry today. But I am resisting! :p

I have had about 200g of strawberries for breakfast, a bowl of fresh tomato soup for lunch, a diet type pot noodle thing for snack (the gremlin in my stomach demanded food lol).
For dinner I will be having a jacket potato, a chicken breast and a big hearty salad. YUM! *licks lips*.

Even though I have only lost 9 pounds - I feel so much more confident. I mean, I have always had a good sex life with mr sugarsnappea, but recently its got a bit more spicy :p Imagine what it will be like when I reach goal weight - sore I expect haha.

So, whats the purpose of my diary? To make myself realise WHY I am doing this, why I am on this journey. Also, I guess I want other people to see that everyone has down days. Dieting is NOT easy.

Anyway, I will be going to have a lovely bath in a momento! I deserve it for being a good girl today :)
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So, its the beginning of week 4 and I am feeling positive!
Today my food plan goes a bit like this :

B - 2 pieces of wholemeal toast and flora light = 230 cals
L - fresh tom soup and a piece of wholemeal bread = 200 cals
D - Chicken breast, salad and jacket potato = 450 cals

Total of 880 cals, but my snacks will be grapes and cucumber sticks. So the total will be about 1000 after that.
Aim to drink a big 4 litre bottle of water today.

I am revising all day today for my exams in less than 2 week ... ARGH! Fortunately revisin seems to take up a lot of time - therefore I don't really think about food that much. At about 4pm I will be walking 3.5 miles to uni to sit through a lovely sociology lecture, then about 3.5 mile walk back! Its sunny though, so it should be lovely! =)

I have about 14 weeks til I go on holida (not that I am counting! lol)
So if I lose 2 pounds a week average, I will weigh 138 pounds! or just under 10 stone, which will be past my goal :D

But I seem to be losing 3 pounds a week so far which is brill! But I doubt very much so that it will carry on at that rate.

I cant wait til I go back to see all my family - in about 5 weeks time - hopefully by then I will be 11 stone (so a stone and half lighter than when they saw me last).
Just being in the 11stone category has made me more confident! Silly isn't it? But I can't believe that I have done this ON MY OWN with healthy eating / CC. Never thought I could do anything like this.

I am having a hungry day though I think =( Hopefully no slip ups!
Wish me luck.
its 2.35, and I am hungry.

I have had 2 slices of wholemeal toast, AND my soup and bread for lunch AND loads of grapes already. I decided to come and write down my goals so I stop thinking about food... as I have 3 hours before I can have my dinner!

I want to be goal weight by August, so I can look slim and sexy on the beach ...
I want to be confident with my body ... enough to wear a bikini.
I want to be able to wear the clothes I want.
I dont want to be known as the "fat one" who takes the mick out of her body... mainly because of insecurities ... anymore.
I want to be brimming with sexiness and confidence.
I want to look GOOD in whatever I put on.

I want to be healthy

wait wait wait ... the hunger is still there - but my motivation level has rocketed. i will drink some more water, if I am still hungry after say 15 mins then I will get some cucumber out to munch on!

*thinks this better be worth it :p *
So I got up bright and early today to trot off to ikea to get some bargains... little did I know it didnt open at 9 am and instead only the RESTAURANT was open at 9.30 am ... and the shop for browsing at 10AM! So I had to wait around for an hour ...
I was hungry and feeling like crap so I had a breakfast. *disappointed*
I dont even know how many cals are in it? I have posted on CC to see if anyone can make a better guess than me. I think I would rather over estimate tbh.
I am not hungry yet feel sick of the thought tbh - so I am going to drink tonnes of water til dinner and then have a nando's salad - no dressing.
That means I will deffo still be in my daily allowance. unless that breakfast has like 1000cals in it ?! It was a small one, so I cant see that happening. *ponders*

Anyway ... feeling a bit pooey now I am at home. Think I will be doing some cleaning in a moment! Keep myself busy!

Have a good day everyone :)


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Hey don't beat yourself up over it hunni, sounds like you're doing fabulously well.
Just learn from it and maybe have an emergency cereal bar in your bag or something similar so that in future if you're hit with unexpected situations out of your control, you can chomp down on that instead.

There is a fab website called dailyplate.com where you can put in an item and it gives you an approx calorie count.
Based on the following:
1 sausage - 190
2 slices bacon - 81
1 fried egg - 70
1 slice of toast - 60
6oz beans - 164
1/2 tomato - 12.5

Total - 577.5 calories approx. but that's a rough guess as I don't know what you had.

I hope this helps.

And make a note of the website, it seems like it would be really useful for someone CC'ing.

Thank Ag! That site looks pretty good :)

Well, yesterday was a bad day for WHAT I ate. But calorie amount was okish I think. I had that ikea breakfast, then I didn't eat lunch and instead drank a tonne of water - I think it was because I felt quite sick that I had eaten the breakfast lol. Then dinner was Wok to Walk - which is noodles, I had peanuts and pinapple with light soy sauce. yumm. Then I handful of pick a mix! Naughty! But probs only 1300 cals I would say ... Even if it was more, I burnt it off last night ;) haha.

Today - I am going food shopping! lots of veggies and fruits on the list, as I am slightly obsessed with smoothies atm. Dinners for this week that I have planned are Veg stir fry, Chicken and cous cous salad, chicken breast with jacket spud and salad, fajitas (sp?), noodles with lots of veg, steak and salad with baby spuds and then just more salad! So quite a good mix of food there :) Mostly healthy :p

I am taking your advice Ag and buying some breakfast bars ... be good for when I am hungry and on the go.. ! Almonds are on my list too, as I have heard some amazing things about those. I am quite looking forward to going shopping - because I walk a mile to get there - walk around the shopping place and then if its not too heavy - walk back .. otherwise it wil have to be taxi lol. But I find shopping quite the relaxant!

Again today is going to consist of tonnes of revision for my exams. I have revised lots, but still feel like I have a way to go .. I have a week and half til the first exam, so its ok :)

Have a good day everyone and keeeep glugging at that water!


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Well at least you worked it off. lol!

Have a nice time shopping, and don't go when you're hungry!!!

Sounds like the planning will keep you on track. and I'm sure you'll still lose a good amount this week.

back from shopping ... and am completely chilled out :) Ready for some revision after lunch.

Bought some really nice food - got some snack/breakfast bars like suggested :) and they are 113 cals .. so that is good :)
Also LOADS of fruits and veggies and some low fat hummous!

yum yum yum!

*raises glass of water* Here is to an excellent day!
Great attitude SSP! You're right, everyone has up days and down days and it's good to remind ourselves of the good days when we're down :)

Houmous. Yum I've taken to having it spread on rice cake with cucumber slices on top. Oh my gosh I think it's the yummiest thing I've had for a long time and as a bonus it's healthy!
thought i'd better post today :)

as some of you know, I weigh myself pretty much everyday as the loss inspires me to carry on (even if its just .4 of a pound) or if I gain it makes me even more determined. Thing is, in the last week i have lost a pound and then put it back on so I am exactly the bloody same!! Making me feel quite rubbish really, I know its better than a gain though, I am telling myself that!

Today - ok day,
Breakfast - homemade fruit smoothie.

Lunch - Prawn salad and packet of squares

Dinner - chicken fajitas with some low fat cheese and lettuce.

snacks - watermelon, grapes.

The only thing that has let me down today really is the fact that fajitas are quite high in calories really, when its all added up! And the squares - although theres only 100 ish calories - its still CRISPS!!!

anyway - tomorrow I think its fruit for brekkie, tuna salad pita for lunch and veg stir fry for dinner. And if I am hungry inbetween - special K mini breaks (yummy!!).
Tomorrow will be a revision day again - so i will try my hardest to drink as much water as I can too!

As for monday - its bank holiday ... and im WORKING! gutted hey - but its triple pay so I can hardly complain lol. £22 a hour isnt much to sniff at.
Food wise - breakfast bar for breakfast with a glass of semi-skimmed milk. Lunch - Weight watchers ready meal (med pasta). Dinner - Lamb chop, salad and baby potatoes. Snack - again special K mini breaks!

That isn't too bad - if I stick to it of course haha!

Mentally - I am knackered. Too much work and revision really. Too much whizzing round in my brain and probably not enough sleep. I am going to have a lay-in tomorrow and let my body just wake itself up when it feels like it. havn't done that in ages!

Anyway update you all soon!

So I have been revising lots. Working overtime. Eating ok.
Today so far - breakfast bar. and a tuna sandwich and packet of squares for lunch. Dinner is a chicken kiev, jacket spud with veggies.

Only lost a pound last week. Which is pooey. But its better than a gain I suppose. Got a lot on my mind, so have been biting into bf's cake or nibbling on food as I am preparing it for dinner. So I guess that could be why. Just feeling really rubbish recently - lots of tears, and usually after that comes some food - but no food? Seems strange.
I have a pounding headache today. Yet more revision too. Done an hour so far. Got some more to do but I am putting it off terribly.

Anyway will update later.


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You're doing great hun, and a lb loss is definitely better than a gain.
Keep it up hun.

Sorry you've not been feeling cheery, I hope it passes soon.

(((((((((((((((((((( Hugs ))))))))))))))))))))
Thanks guys :)

Well today has been a MUCH better day.

Food wise - breakfast bar. And a bite of my bf grilled bacon ciabatta (tut tut! but I deserved it!!)
I have cheese on toast for lunch. 50 cal a slice bread and low fat cheese.
Dinner is a huge salad with a bit of cous cous, and a grilled lamb chop! yum yum!

I have done nearly 4 hours revision too!
Tomorrow will be a challenge I am going to my friends house, and she doesn't know I am on a diet - so I will just choose the healthy options whatever we have. =)

Good luck at your friends house, by the sounds of things you're doing really well!
Ok well yesterday's dinner didn't go to plan. We did indeed have the lamb chop - but the salad had started to wilt so instead we had veg - AND a jacket potato. So I made sure the jacket spud was smallish!

I really need to get back on track and stick to my 1000 cals a day. I have been having a week like this..
mon - 800ish cals.
tues - 1400 cals
wed - 1300 cals
thurs - 1000 cals
fri - 1300 cals
sat - 1100 cals

etc etc.

I would have thought that would have HELPED me lose weight - but instead it is hindering me! I have been flickering betweek 11.10 and 11.11 this week and its REALLY doing my head in. if I am 11.11 on Monday - I would have GAINED a pound. I dont understand because I am still eating way less cals than I previously was, so SURELY I should still be losing a little ... rather than STS or even a gain ?
Before I would eat so many more cals - I rekon probs around 2500 cals a day I must have been eating - more somedays if we were having a takeaway!

I think I need to go shopping again for just basics like salad, fruit and chicken. Maybe because I havn't had all the healthy bits - I have been resorting to things that really I wouldnt have eaten if I had had the healthy stuff in? So I think I am going to get ready and take a walk up there and grab the bits!

I am quite sad today, as my friend couldn't make it - so instead I will be revising alone.. again, =( But hey, at least my food will be under control. I need to get back on the wagon ... and my determination is HEREEEE!!!

*imagines herself in a bikini now .... EUGH!*
*imagines herself in a bikini in August ... =D*
So I have just been food shopping, and have bought lots of lovely fresh food :)
Lots of veggies! Lot cals white meats, salads, fruits... yum yum yum!

For dinner we have swede and mash potato mix, green beans, peas and tender stemmed broccoli, and either pork kebabs (50 cals per one!!) Or a chicken breast wrapped in bacon. YUMMM!
My mouth is watering :p

I feel much better now after my mile walk and walk around Sainsburys!

I have to revise - but am feeling extremely reluctant! Cant be bothered at allll!
What a rubbish week.

I have gained 1lb.


I think this might be something to do with the fact that I am absolutely terrified about the exams? So my mind hasn't been on CC 100%. I need to keep writing my foods down, as I keep forgetting. Plus yesterday we ate out in Chiquitos. It was lovely. But I had no idea how many cals in there. But its all I ate all day.

Today I have an exam - eeeeek. But so far I have had a breakfast bar (80 cals) For lunch I am having beans on toast (50 cals per slice bread and 130 cals for half can of beans)
For dinner I am having chicken kebabs (60 cals each stick) a big salad and a few potatoes. So I should be fine today :)
Tomorrow toast for breakfast, soup for lunch ... not sure whats for dinner yet.

I am stressing out because its been 2 weeks and technically I havn't lost anything! Its really frustrating! I just need to concentrate on it, but now my exams are here - I am starting to feel like dieting isn't that important in the grand scheme of things, but then on the other hand - I want to look great. So basically I have hit this huge brick wall now, and I am feeling crap, fat and stressed out.

To add to all this - the stupid tax people aren't answering! GRRr!
What a day!

I have eaten porridge, jacket spud with beans and cheese, cheese on toast AND noodles. I was bloody starving today. But that all adds to about 1000. I am not hungry, and hopefully I wont be later, so no dinner for me!

I have done like over 3 hours revision today, that ALWAYS makes me hungry! Annoyingly. Tomorrow is the same, full of revision - but going to fit a walk into that, go and browse round the shops, even if I don't buy anything be worth the walk!

I have a theory - which I have no idea if it is right or not. I am on the pill, but because of my exams I have gone straight onto another pack instead of having a break. My break should have been in the week where I only lost 1 pound, so I am wondering because I havn't had my break yet - could this be why I am losing a pound, and then gained a pound?? I have no idea - but it makes me feel better haha.

I am going to ascot in min June. I am hoping to be at least 11stone by then. Only 11pounds to lose, that is 2 pounds a week. Should be ok - BUT if it carries on like this. I will be majorly miffed.

My friend is a size 6 and currently I am a 14. Her mum and sister are also skinny, so I will be a fatty next to them. I need to be at least a 12 by then. It will be all dresses and hats. I dont want to be the fat one :'(

Anyway - tonight I will be watching lots of lost - and I tend not to snack when I am really into a series haha. So thats good. Lots of sleep as I am exhausted, then wake up fresh and raring to go!!

Feeling a bit better emotionally - just wish I wouldnt boredom eat, and thats what I have done today. which is annoying!!

Tomorrow is another day!

Went to the doctors today to renew my pill, and to just enquire about how he thinks I could boost my weight loss after these last few weeks. He said, "you are not overweight enough for me to have a proper conversation with you or give you tablets, you need to book an appointment with the nurse" I was like ... errr didnt ask for pills, just advice really!!

Anyway. I have to look for dresses soon, and I dont feel like it right now at this size. So I am really going to try.
Today I have had :
Yoghurt and small smoothie for breakfast
Weightwatchers lasagna and salad lunch
A muller rice.

For dinner, I am cooking a chicken breast and having it with rice and sweetcorn or peas.
Yesterday I had a chocolate fest. Which was disappointing - and so not worth it. So I will remember this and not do it again!! I think it is because recently I have been feeling really down about exams. I wish I could just banish emotional eating all together. I convince myself that I am hungry, and then I just gobble. But I am not hungry, I am just emotional.

Right now, I am thinking of food - my belly is rumbelling but I think I am just thirsty... so I will go grab some water now!


I cant WAIT until the exams are over, I will be going swimming and I WILL join a gym, as I will have soooo much time over the 4 months. So it will be some work, gym and fun exercises. I think this will really boost my confidence too! :)

Watching the biggest loser program really inspires me too ... I know I dont have that much to lose - but you pick up some really good tips off them!


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