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Watching other people eat?!

I'm getting a lot less hungry now (Day 4) but have noticed that I'm increasingly fixated by watching other people eat!!

Just wondered if anyone else has experienced anything similar?

My family are really sweet- trying to eat away from me etc...but the more they do that, the more I want to watch them eat! LOL!!!

Mind you I just came back from a walk and my sis was (guiltily- bless her!!!) eating some fresh bread with butter. I started talking to her and afterwards she said..."It's a bit un-nerving... you were talking to me but watching the bread" HAHA! I'm a total PSYCHOOOO!!!!

Anyone else in the same boat or am I a lone lunatic?!

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hiya, i like to watch people eat too - but more, i like to smell, anything - roast dinner, curry - but most of all empty crisp packets (!). i think its the salt.


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My friend is pissed off with me because I like talking about food lol
Also when I prepare food for my husband I like the smell.


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for me it's the smells also, not that interested in watching eating but more the smells of the food. Lately though not as interested in the smells of junk food, like crisps and chocolate. That can only be a good thing, can't it!


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i am a smeller and a watcher. Also mither people asking them how good it tastes and whats it like, a complete nutter lol. Also have become obsessed with cooking and feeding people!! My boys are fit to pop some days!! As above, the healthy stuff too, not interested one bit in the junk foods, hope that continues when i am eating again. One can only hope!!


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yep smeller and watcher, more a smeller me thinks. Loving come dine with me now!!
Me too! I must look like such a creepster to other people now. I also baked a cake today just to smell it. :\

awwww I feel SO much better now! I'm not the only food stalker out there- we've all got a bit of weirdness about us!!!

*raises hand*

I`m another serial sniffer and watcher but mostly sniffer :rolleyes: LOL

We started the same day and I agree with you my little girl feels so sorry for me when I sit watching them eat I also sat and sniffed my sons crisps last night he thinks i am very odd!!
Im sailing with you!!!
Im finding it really tricky as i have to prepare different meals , 1 for my other half who loves his cooked dinners , 1 for a scampy 4 year old who loves pasta , and 1 for my eldest daughter ,she has special needs and is on a limited diet.
Its strange as im not actually hungry , i just feel like i want to sink my teeth into something , even popped an ice cube in my mouth last night and crunched on that!!! it did help.
haha! good to know we're all in the same boat.

my sister owns a cafe...and this morning, after the gym, I sat in it for a good two hours smelling all the delicious aromas! I think my family think I've lost the plot!

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