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water allowance


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S: 13st8lb G: 10st0lb
I have asked this somewhere else but cant find it.............lol:confused:
i wanted to know if you include coffee in the litres you must drink, as i know coffee can be a diruetic(sp) and wondered if maybe i should not include it in the litres to be drunk, or maybe even add more water to compensate.
Thanks for any help
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Yes, you can include the water that you use to make tea, coffee etc :)
Obviously, don't increase the amount of coffee you drink but, by the same token, don't cut it out altogether if you drank it previously :)
sorry to burst the bubble hon but you are not supposed to include it in your water allowance. any coffee/tea etc has to be on top of the recommended water allowance.. it's why we all pee for 'insert country here' :D

once you get up to the 1000 plan you can have other fluids to make up your allowance because you are getting more fluid in your food.

abz xx


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S: 13st8lb G: 10st0lb
thanks, i thought that including it was wrong.
i stopped including it yesturday and lost 1lb, hopefully i`ll loose more now. x
That's very strange then, 'cos in the yellow booklet(p6) it states that
'Your calorie-free liquids can include:
*Plain water
*Black tea or coffee-no sugar(a tablet sweetner may be used)
*Herbal tea(from leaf, not fruit/flower)
*Cambridge Drink Flavourings(after the first two weeks)'

Hopefully a CDC can clarify :)

Your calorie free liquids can include black tea and coffee but these are in addition to the water.

Allowable Fluids For Sole Source
Allowable Fluids for Sole Source

In order to strictly control the number of calories, the additional drinks must come form the following list:

tap water
bottle water - can be sparkling or still
black coffee - ordinary or decaff - no sugar
black tea - no sugar
Cambridge water flavours (after two weeks)

It is vital that you drink the extra water specified ('extra' means it is in addition to the water you use to mix the sachets). Cups of tea and coffee can be taken in addition. On this step, you should drink your tea and coffee without milk or sugar although you may use a calorie free sweeterner. If you do, use a tablet sweetener, not the powdered kind that comes in a jar or sachet.

Because both coffee and tea contain caffeine, it is advisable, whilst on the diet, not to drink more than you normally do. But you should not cut down on your normal intake either, as this could lead to withdrawal headaches and edginess. Do not add anything else to the tea or coffee.

Other leaf teas are acceptable (such as peppermint or nettle), but it is best to avoid herbal teas made from fruits or flowers (for example camomile or lemon) because labelling does not provide enough data on nutrition, and sugar may have been added.

For those who find unflavoured water less palatable to drink, we recommend Cambridge drink flavourings, available from your Counsellor. A teaspoonful in a litre of water per day will provide a delicious and refreshing change from ordinary water. However, those people who come out of ketosis very easily should not start using these drink mixes until ketosis is well established. Various trials have shown that the majority of people have no problems, but consult your Counsellor for further guidance.

Cambridge does not recommend the use of carbonated, so-called 'zero calorie' drinks. They are usually not 'zero calorie' an can lead to a feeling of bloating, as well as perpetuating the taste for other conventional foods.

Note that alcohol is strictly forbidden on the Cambridge Diet. Gram for gram alcohol contains more calories than carbohydrate and will effectively sabotage the sole source programme.

Taken from Sole Source Booklet MED002/0802 - FEBRUARY 2008
Thanks, Linda :)
Cambridge must have just ommited that sentence in the yellow booklet. I have found it in the Sole Source booklet now though :)

Just one more question.....if I add coffee to my cappuccino shake does that negate any extra fluid I add?

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