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Water and mood


Was just chatting to a CD buddy and we were talking water. I realised that I hadn't been keeping on top of the water intake with the cold weather and the extra gym time as much as I thought I had been so had been feeling tired. She said that she notices how her mood and energy perks back up if she misses water and then loads back up with it again.

Anyone else notice this?
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Yes totally! Like a flower lol.... If I'm lacking in water il be tired n sluggish n if I refuel il be much better !! That's definately something I want to remember n take with me when I'm off cd! Drink lots still won't feel so tired won't eat for the sake of it n won't be so moody resulting in comfort eating! It's the simple things that make a difference IMO!


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But it isn't it a killer in this weather? I'm fine throughout the week because I know I'll drink 2 litres at my desk. And anything else then i feel is a bonus (including all my cups of black coffee). But I found last weekend at home i really really struggled. Mainly because I've got to go the loo so often and I find it's really impacting on my day to day life.

Weekend before last we took our dog to a country park - lovely, crisp day... what did i have to do? Go into the dunes to have a pee (i haven't had to do that for donkey's ears!!). I was so desperate - I thought I was going to wet myself. I've got to be so careful when we go out walking with our dog - especially in this cold weather. So i find that i can't be drinking loads and loads because I'm worried about needing the loo when i'm in the middle of nowhere!! I know it sounds funny but there's nothing worse when you are really dying to go and there's nowhere to go.

It's becoming a bit of a pain.
Totally sympathise Lynn; I've found myself having to cop-a-squat anywhere I can find cover sometimes too! I also know where every garage toilet is for miles because I've had to use them all! I heard on the radio today that people are beginning to keep bags of kitty litter in their car in case they get "caught out" stuck in the snow; I'm beginning to think that is a good idea for day to day life :) (i have clumping lavender scented stuff for my cats!)

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