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Water and weight.

good question i would like to know the answer to this too, im terrible for not drinking water but i recently downloaded an app for my htc phone which prompts me to drink it during the day which i think is great as i am actually drinking more!!! going to toilet more too tho lol
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Yes, it would be good to know that. I have heard that it flushes toxin through your body, plus it can keep hunger pains away (some people can mistake hunger for thirst). Also I was told recently (not sure if it is true) that if you drink more water than you need it can slow weight loss as you body is working hard on getting rid of the water rather than working efficiently (ie burning fat). I think it is like anything in life, do it enough, but not to excess.

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
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You need to get the balance right, as motherof2 says... but yes, being thoroughly hydrated makes the body work at it's most efficient. This means your metabolism is working at it's optimum level, all your organs... everything! And this aids weight loss...

It varies from one individual to another though, of course, so the best course of action is experiment a little, and find your perfect amount. The LL guidelines say to "drink 2.25lts a day, and this can include your packs"... But many dry to drink that in addition to the packs... It's personal choice...

I drink about 5lts in total per day (which includes the water from my packs) and I feel that's right for me... :)

Regarding the way to drink the water (yes, there is a way to drink it too! hehe), sipping small amounts continually throughout the day is the best way for your body to benefit most from the water.

Imagine your are a water wheel, and you want to keep the wheel turning gradually throughout the day, with a drip feed of water. Drinking large amounts in one go, then having nothing for an hour or 2 is not nearly as effective... Hope that helps... and good luck! :D

Thanks pinkie! Btw pinkie is actually my middle name! How random. I did ll when they recommended 4l a day and I too drink about 5. My weight loss has been great so far fingers crossed! Going to Maldives on 7th march!!! Xxx
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I believe it stops your your body going into famine mode which means it tries to hold on to everything!

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