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Water challenge

There are always a lot of comments about not drinking enough (any!) water, me being the worst offender, I'm sure. When it plays on my mind, I'll drink a big glass of water and promise myself that I will drink as much as I'm suppose to. Then I don't.

I looked for information that would give me some reason for actually drink 2.5 litres (correct for my weight, I think) and I found the following article. I'm posting it here as a constant reminder of what I've learned, and am bound and determined to force myself to drink until it becomes a habit. I may even pat myself on the back here for doing it. If a pat on the back would help you, feel free to brag here! :gimi:

Don't roll your eyes! If you eat right and exercise at the intensity, frequency and duration proper for you, but still can't get rid of the fat, you're probably not drinking enough water.

What is fat metabolism? This is something the liver does when it converts stored fat to energy. Another of the liver's duties is to pick up the slack for the kidneys. If the kidneys are water-deprived, the liver has to do their work along with its own, lowering its total productivity. It then can't metabolize fat as quickly or efficiently as it could when the kidneys were pulling their own weight. If you allow this to happen you're setting yourself up to store fat.

The problem is that, though many decide to increase their water intake, very few stick with it. It's understandable. During the first few days of drinking more water than your body is accustomed to, you're running to the toilet constantly. It seems that the water is coming out just as fast as it's going in, and many people decide that their new hydration habit is fruitless.

What's happening is that your body is flushing itself of the water it has been storing throughout all those years of "survival mode". It takes a while, but as you continue to give your body all the water it could ask for, it gets rid of what it doesn't need. It gets rid of the water it was holding onto in your ankles and your hips and thighs, maybe even around your belly. You are excreting more than you realize. Your body figures it doesn't need to save these stores of water anymore; it's trusting that the water will keep coming, and if it does, eventually, the flushing (of both the body and the toilet) will cease.

In addition, water improves muscle tone. You can lift weights until you're blue in the face, but if your muscles are suffering from a drought, you won't notice a difference in your appearance. Muscles that have all the water they need contract more easily, making your workout more effective, and you'll look much nicer than if you had flabby muscles under sagging, dehydrated skin.

The recommended 8 glasses a day is really not that much, but if you're overweight, you should drink another eight ounces (250 ml)for every 25 pounds of excess weight you carry.

This water consumption should be spread out throughout the day. It's not healthy to drink too much water at once. Pick three or four times a day when you can have a big glass of water, and then sip in between. Don't let yourself get thirsty. If you feel thirsty, you're already becoming dehydrated.

If you're serious about becoming leaner and healthier, drinking water is an absolute must. If you're doing everything else right and still not seeing results, this might just be what's missing.

by Maia Appleby
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Very interesting article Denise, I didn't know all the science behind it lol. But something I've never had a problem with doing, I've been drinking plenty of water for years, don't know when it started just think I always have. I must do at least 3 litres a day, never count it. I always know if I haven't drank enough tho as I'll get a headache, always drink more when it's hot too. My hubby doesn't drink any, just coffee (naughty!!) and if it's really hot he'll have squash, I'm always nagging him about it lol! Just don't know how he can survive on just coffee, can't be good!
I thought it was interesting too. To me, "drink plenty of water to lose weight" was the equivalent of my mom telling me to sit up straight. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Whatever! lol
Guess I need someone standing over me with a cattle prod. It's 9 pm and I still need to force down another litre. I will do it.:cry:
Hi! That's what I've got, unfortunately it only means I know how much I haven't drunk during the day. lol. I think it's just going to take getting into the habit of drinking even though I'm not thirsty. I'm just going to down half my bottle now. Thanks for reminding me. :)
What I do Denise is have lots of 1/2 litre bottles in the fridge (I just refill them from the tap, our tap water is lovely although it should be the price we pay for it!!). I then literally have a bottle on the go all day, taking a bottle with me everywhere so drinking water all day whenever I feel like it. Just getting the next one out the fridge to restock lol! You could then sip it through the day instead of forcing it down later, which can't be very nice or that good for you.


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I buy the 2ltr bottles and I start one in the morning so I know I have that to drink during the day. I also have tea, coffee and other drinks too. But it seems to work for me.

I like to sparkling water when it hot!!
Well, I'm floating now- but only have one litre left to drink tonight. It's helped my thirst a bit that it is so bloomin' hot. Drink or Melt :p
Well I've actually sort of kept track today, and I've drank over 4 and a half litres!! Getting on for 5, it's because it's SO hot!


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Stirky, 5 litres is cool!! I drink 2ltrs and can't keep out of the loo!! Does your body get used to the amount you drink?
I think your body does get used to it, I can drink two litres a day easily, it's like norm for me, and not have to run to the loo every five minutes. Obviously on the days I drink more than that the toilet trips are more frequent! I don't usually drink as much as yesterday, it was just so darn hot! On average I guess I do about 2 and a half to three litres.
I managed 3 litres yesterday...and 3 trips to the loo in the middle of the night. On the plus side I've lost three pounds because of it. This must be the magic elixir.

Still, I envy Stirky being able to do it without forcing it.


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Denise!!! lol ME TOO!! I did 3ltrs and 3 trips to the loo too. I am so knackered today, lol. Haven't weighed myself though. I know I'm not going to loose or even put on this week. Got friends coming for the weekend and I'll put glycogen on.
Linda, Hope you enjoy your weekend. I was going to take a one day break from SlimFast tomorrow, but thinking about it I'm not really craving anything. Since my birthday is only two weeks away I will just be a good girl for a bit longer. ;)
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hey Denise, had a fab weekend, knackered now though and haven't bothered to weigh myself this week. Don't want the stress. Am being very good now though!!!

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