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WATER - Gulp or Sip????!!!! Confused!!

Hi Peeps,

I am a little confused over the water thing!!
I know you should be drinking loads of it and that isnt a problem!!!

But my husband is a professional rugby player and he said to me that i should be sipping the water not gulping it down as it will just go straight through me and wont have any effect!!!


i asumed i wanted it to come straight out and flush all crap in my body (sorry but true) out with it!!! :eek: :eek:

Any input??!!


Looby x
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I find it better to drink it steadily throughout the day...In have bottle beside PC 1 in the car another I take to work...so whereever I am I just drink a couple of gulps at a time..so basically drinking continuously throughout the day.

Other may do it differntly..find this is the best for me and know by the end of the day I have had between 4 and 5 litres.
Although i've always spread my water intake throughout the day, I tend to gulp a glass at a time. Every time I go into the kitchen (which is often as my bathroom is at the other end of it!) I down another glass. So I suppose I'm in between a gulper and a sipper :)
Water should be consumed evenly throughout the day. If you gulp down water at once - most of it will pass straight to your bladder. If you think of a plant that has dried out .... if you pour lots of water on it, most of it will seep out the bottom. If you regularly water it a little at a time, it will moisten the soil and hydrate the plant.
I believe your hubby is right. I have been told not to gulp or the water will just go straight through....

I know you feel like you're drinking continuosly but I'm told by my cdc and others on here that this is the way to do it.

Maybe a cdc will be along to confirm this soon.

Best of luck xxx
I'm a mixture of both, try to drink steadily through the day but sometimes if I am lagging behind will have a bit of a gulp down to get my intake up!



Serial Foodie!
im same as porgeous and RD. bit of both. will start sipping properly after reading this tho as im sure it helps the losses if done properly. thanks! xxx

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