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WATER - Gulp or Sip????!!!! Confused!!

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Hi Peeps,

I am a little confused over the water thing!!
I know you should be drinking loads of it and that isnt a problem!!!

But my husband is a professional rugby player and he said to me that i should be sipping the water not gulping it down as it will just go straight through me and wont have any effect!!!


i asumed i wanted it to come straight out and flush all crap in my body (sorry but true) out with it!!! :eek: :eek:

Any input??!!


Looby x
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I find it better to drink it steadily throughout the day...In have bottle beside PC 1 in the car another I take to work...so whereever I am I just drink a couple of gulps at a time..so basically drinking continuously throughout the day.

Other may do it differntly..find this is the best for me and know by the end of the day I have had between 4 and 5 litres.
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Although i've always spread my water intake throughout the day, I tend to gulp a glass at a time. Every time I go into the kitchen (which is often as my bathroom is at the other end of it!) I down another glass. So I suppose I'm in between a gulper and a sipper :)
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Water should be consumed evenly throughout the day. If you gulp down water at once - most of it will pass straight to your bladder. If you think of a plant that has dried out .... if you pour lots of water on it, most of it will seep out the bottom. If you regularly water it a little at a time, it will moisten the soil and hydrate the plant.
I believe your hubby is right. I have been told not to gulp or the water will just go straight through....

I know you feel like you're drinking continuosly but I'm told by my cdc and others on here that this is the way to do it.

Maybe a cdc will be along to confirm this soon.

Best of luck xxx
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I'm a mixture of both, try to drink steadily through the day but sometimes if I am lagging behind will have a bit of a gulp down to get my intake up!



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im same as porgeous and RD. bit of both. will start sipping properly after reading this tho as im sure it helps the losses if done properly. thanks! xxx

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