Water intake has totally dwindled


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hey hun hope your babby gets better.

i have had one glass of water today, and 2 cups of tea. I have been indoors all day and its toooooo cold to glug water down.....sigh

promise to be a good girl tomorrow :p

just hope it doesn't slow down the weight loss


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Hope the baby gets better soon. Know the feeling. Have a 'cling on myself today. She has a cold.

I manage 2ltres a day max. I hate water.... I did the same last time around on LT and it didnt affect my weight loss but i always wondered if i could have lost way more if i drank more.

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Hey there chicklet!! Good to see you :) From past experience I know that I lose up to 2lb more per week when I drink 4+ litres of water than when I stick to the 2. However, it could just be my weirdo body so I wouldn't worry as even if it does the difference will only be small.


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Are you making your water intake up with teas/coffees? Surprising how much you are drinking even with just 3-4 cuppas a day.