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no thats fine as long as you space it out throughout the day i drink about 3 to 4L a day x:tear_drop:


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ok here is the info i got, you are completely safe with what you are drinking so dont worry!!

Water intoxication (drinking too much water) is rare and hard to achieve and would need to be something you consiously did.....

The average adults kidneys can tollerate and process 15 lires of fluid a day.... so unless you are drinking more than that don't worry.


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I love diet coke too, but last year, with all the snow, our bins and recycling wasn't collected for a few weeks, and to be honest, it gave me a little wake up call. The amount of bottles of pop was quite frightening, and it's only me that drinks it, so now I've managed to stick to a 2litre bottle for the weekend, and I give it up entirely for lent!! (but I do stay up till midnight on Easter Saturday, just so I can have a slurp at midnight!!)


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I'm also a big fizzy pop drinker, Pepsi Max is my vice lol. I'm trying to cut down and replace it with more squash. I'm not a massive fan of plain water, it's just so dull, so I stick to squash. I drink about 2 litres of squash a day when I'm not drinking Pepsi Max. I should drink more, but your three litres sounds about right!