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Water Intake

I'm doing LL and have always struggled with the water intake - but I've just checked their site and it now says drink so that you are comfortable - is this correct there is no mention of the 4 litres anymore??! If this is correct then I'm happy, just about manage 2-3 litres in a day, 4 and I might as well move into the toilet!! Had my first week weigh in last night and I've lost 7lbs so must be working on 2-3 litres?? Thanks
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hi Kat

Welcome, and well done on your loss!!!

Yes, they did recently change the water guidelines. THey now reccomend 2.5-3 litres, and the rest of the water is now made up in your shakes and soups, coffe, etc.

I was on 4 Ltr a day since January, and when they made that announcement - I did see a noticeable change in my losses, they slowed down, and my, erm, problems with constipation increased, so quickly upped it back to 4.

So whatever works for you should be good now. :)

Good luck!

(We all spend the first 2 or 3 weeks in the loo - but our bladders do get used to it and its not as much of an issue.....lol...but yeah, the first few days....its a busy room!! :D)
Hi Kat, congratulations on your brilliant loss. I struggled to drink the water at first but have now got used to it. I found that adding the St Clements flavouring made it more enjoyable to drink. I manage between 3.5-4 litres a day. I try and drink as much as I can in the morning, sip during the afternoon and on the evening I have sparkling water with the flavouring - its lovely. I re-use a litre water bottle so I can keep count through the day. Not making so many trips to the loo now so you will get used to it.

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