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Water query?


Fed up of being fat


Fed up of being fat
Thanks for answering eclipse. I just wanted to check before I glugged down another glass.

Lanclass, thats what I have done today, Ive added my berry flavour to sparkling water ... its yummy and Ive been drinking just that since ... then had this doubt in my mind that I couldnt drink lots of sparkling for some reason? ... lol

I like still water but after two weeks it was getting a tad boring.


Water water everywhere
Now I'm not 100% on this but I believe sparkling water contains sodium which can lead to water retention. It is most certainly allowed but I wouldn't use it as my 'main' source of water for my daily intake :)
I have always been told we could use tonic water, not sparkling water due to the sodium. Maybe someone will check that for us.


Water water everywhere
I have always been told we could use tonic water, not sparkling water due to the sodium. Maybe someone will check that for us.
I was informed at training that a glass of tonic water before bed may help cramps that some people may suffer from.

Not sure about it being ok all the time though, maybe someone more experienced will answer.

Of course the best is just plain old still water but I understand not everyone can stomach it :)


Wants to be a loser!
Hi guys.

Sparkling vs still is a subject I have wondered about a lot as I get through about 2 lt sparkling and 1.5 still most days - when I saw this thread I decided to do a bit of googling to see what the general feeling on the www is.

The ever useful wikipedia tells us the differences between the different carbonated waters Carbonated water - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I drink both still and sparkling mineral water and interestingly enough the sodium content in the still (tesco asbeck spring) is 10.0 mb/l and only 4.5mg/l in the sparkling (highland spring).

According to this article on msn (hoping its reasonably reliable being msn?) there is no significant difference between drinking still or sparkling. However, some dentists claim that sparkling water is more acidic and therefor more harmful to you teeth than still - saying that though surely sparkling water is not half as bad for your teeth than sugarly full fat coke or even diet coke with its citric acid.

Just a few tit-bits of info for us all - take from them what you will!!
If I take slimline tonic water at night for cramps will it take me out of ketosis?

Lesly Cambridge

Cambridge Consultant
All water contains some sodium, whether tap, filtered, or bottled, sparkling or still.....the only way to check how much is to read the bottle-label or by phoning your water supplier.

Some years ago, a CD instruction booklet recommended only limited quantities of sparkling water - but this is because some people find that the bubbles can cause ructions from one end or t'other!

I'm happily addicted to Highland Spring sparkling, but over the years, it has varied from 4.5 to (today) 9.4 mg/L - presumably because it's a natural product from various different springs. It's still very low, compared with other brands - last time I looked, Buxton Sparkling was 116 mg/L.....which doesn't matter if you're only drinking a bit of it, but very important if you get through gallons and have high blood pressure, for example, or need a low-sodium diet.

So - another example of that all-important lesson - read the labels when you're shopping! (And allow another hour or two!)

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