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Water question....


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my CDC has said no to me...but i know the book says it does.

Maybe a CDC can clarify this as its puzzles me too!

:D Yep tea and coffee are part of your daily intake, as long as you dont add milk and sugar, try Green tea as well it tastes better :D
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Personally I don't count tea or coffee as they are diaretics(sp?) but do count green tea or peppermint tea.

Water flavourings are luch if you are having issues glugging the H20!
It is true that tea and coffee are dieuretics, but it is a falacy that they cause water loss. I asked my Doc about just this subject when I was first doing the diet and he said that the amount of water in a cup of tea or coffee is far greater than any water loss caused by the drinking - so the net effect is a gain in water intake.

That said, I probably drink 2 or 3 cups a day, so my water intake from that pretty much makes no difference, so I never count it.

Thanks for the advice guys.

I do have trouble drinking enough water so maybe I will try the water flavourings.

Clare x x x
clare, if ur really having troubles with ur water intake how about getting the water flavouring and then using that to make jelly, using wither the mix a mousse or supercook gelatine.
a pint of jelly is much easier to get down than a pint of water.... and very tasty :)


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I have to admit sometimes I do get bored of water and the flavourings are great I'm using the berry one, even people i work with have commented about how nice they smell x
hi ginstar,
please look at the below link for directions on how to make a chocolate trifle.
to make the jelly using mix a mousse just replace the supercook gelatine with 1 rounded scoop of MAM and blend really well.
only difference is that with MAM jelly u get a weird kinda fizzy froth on top. its quite nice but not if ur gonna throw a tetra on top to make a trifle. lol

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