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water question?

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I think so yes! The more water or liquids you can drink the better for all sorts of reasons. Drink little and often throughout the day rather than one big amount - I bought a one-litre bottle with a snap top of evian (others do it too!) and i am forever sipping it throughout the day - its amazing how many times I have to refill it - you dont even realise you are drinking that much. Give it a go!


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Some people think that yes the more water you drink you will lose more, But there is no proof of this!

But drinking more water cant hurt as long as you over to do it!

Getting into the swing of things with drinking plenty of water will set you up for refeed! Im still drinking plenty of water atleast two litres a day!

Im allowed diet fizzy drinks again, and this was a very big downfall for me before LT, and I still havent switched, The only time I had fizzy drinks was the night I went out last week..


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I get through a 2 litre bottle of Tesco's value sparking water everyday and anything else is a bonus. This seems to keep my weight loss quite steady.


Here we go again!
I average just over 3 litres of water a day and it seems to produce a 4lbs weight loss each week. Not sure if its the water but I always have 3 litres and had over 4 litres throughout the day the last couple of days.


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Other reasons for drinking the water. Firstly to get rid of keytones and secondly to keep the kidneys healthy. We could run a risk of gall or kidney stones if we don't drink enough water.


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I had a lousy loss in wk5 - only 1.6lbs. When I thought about it I realised that I had drunk less. The following week I went back to 'normal' which for me was about 3ltrs and lost 3.4lbs. As an experiment this week I have consciously increased again to at LEAST 4ltrs usually more like 5 or 6. As well as this I've made sure all my hot drinks are de-caf - if I have a caffeinated one for any reason I drink an extra glass of water with caffeine being a diuretic. So hopefully my result this week may answer your question! (and mine! :))

Tuesday will tell! x


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Hiya, i would love to know to if drinking more water increases weight loss! It does have lots of other benefis though so u should drink as often as u can through out the day as it helps u to feel fuller, thirst pains are the same as, and can be confused for, hunger pains, it helps to keep ur body hydrated which is really important as our body and brain are mainly made up of water, it helps to increase our energy levels, improves the appearance of our skin, it helps to slow down wrinkles and cellulite production and im sure it is beneficial for lots of other things to, so do try ad drink as often as u can and if u know u r not havin enough just try to add a little more each day. Using a bottle is a great way to keep track of the amount ur havin! beliee me, drinking will become easier.....i used to hardly ever drink, i would get headaches and my lips were always dry, my skin was becoming dry on my face and even if i knew i was really thirsty, i would eat because i didnt like drinking!!!1 but now (i've ben on the diet a week) i am able to drink 3-4 litres a day easily, and my skin has greatly improved along with everything else entioned above!!! good luck ;) xxx

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