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Induction Water retention ? Feeling extremely bloated and swollen

No never, I'm usually quite bloated and swollen but within 24 hours of of starting Atkins the bloating always goes away and my stomach is much flatter - that's why I love it!

The only time I get a bit bloated is if I've eaten something i shouldn't. Have you eaten anything illegal?
I do feel bloated/heavy most times but that's because I'm not used to eating so many animal products. That's why I'm incorporating 'fasting' with Atkins as well - that works for me.


Clean green leafy machine
PD - maybe do without the sodas, the citric acid in them can cause some people to stall.
Hmmm I'm generally ok on those but only if i have them in moderation. I have maybe two glasses of fizzy drink a day max and only a little sweetner because if I have any more I stall or gain weight and feel bloated as you describe.

different things affect different people. Maybe try cutting back on one thing at a time for while and see if it makes a difference to how you feel?
usually when i have very bad sugar craving, i make a chocolate pancake. i beat 3 egg whites, 1 tsp of cocoa beans powder, 1 tsp of cinammom, 1 tsp of ginger powder. then i add few tablets of sweetex in few tsp of boiling water. mix the powders and the diluted sweetex and add the beaten egg whites. poor the mixture in non-sticky pan and simply bake it.

it is absolutely delicious. and as far as i am informed, cinammon and ginger aid to weight loss even during low-carb diets. but the sweetex may be doesnt help me:(
not in ketosis yet!
I don't know how many carbs are in ginger and cinnamon but when I did this the first time I was having lots of herbs and spices and things thinking that they were carb free or low carb and then when I started gaining weight I looked into it and I found out that some of them were quite high carb, it was only a few here and there but over the course of a day it added up and put me way over my allowance.

Now I have to be really careful about what I add to my food :-(
Thanks for this advice. Actually I was concerned just for the same thing. The packaging doesn't say anything about carbs. I bought both ginger and cinnamon from westbury food and wine ( my corner shop). ImageUploadedByMiniMins.com1377358580.031116.jpg ImageUploadedByMiniMins.com1377358612.820556.jpg

No idea how much carbs are in a tsp of this particular brand. Will check with myfitnesspal.

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