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water water

I drink between 2-3 litres of plain water a day, plus shakes, teas/coffees etc. If you are struggling with the water, try having it warm, even first thing in the morning as I find it helps with going to the loo for a no2 as well.
I know its hard, but try not to jump on the scales in the beginning (I did and still do now) because it could dishearten you, but as long as you are following lipotrim properly, you should have a great loss on your first week. Once you hit ketosis, your body will be using your stored fats and the weight will just drop off you.
Well done so far and keep up the good work hun.


Here we go again!
Keep sipping the water through the day. Have black coffees and teas and you will get used to it. The more you can drink the more weight comes off supposedly! Don't worry about weight loss yet, when it kicks in it will be amazing! Good luck and keep up the good work!

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
I drink 4x 75cl bottled water. I also add extra to my shakes. It does get easier. Start as early as you can in the morning and sip sip sip. XX
think of all that good the water is doing, cleansing and clearing all the toxins out...
Stop weighing yourself. You will not, repeat not, see a steady and continual decrease in weight. Your weight will fluctuate. It will rise, fall and stay steady. However, you will continue to burn fat and ON AVERAGE lose about a stone to a stone and half every month.
keep drinking that water and stay off the scales is probably the best bet

the water gets easier as you get more into it
throw away the scales.... have a weigh in once a week on the pharmacy scales..... everyone says you drink more water you loose more.. i drank on average 3-4 litres for two weeks.. am down to 2 litres a day not including tea coffee etc. and lost more last week than previous weeks... as long as you dont allow yourself to get dehydrated as your body will store water then like billyo.... STOP WIEGHING YOURSELF!!! x
I second that, ice cold water made me feel naseus(sp!!).... and pepeermint tea.. keeps everything moving ifykwim xxx
hi the 1st thing you need to do is remove your scales only get weighed once a week at the chemist, drink your water warm I add extra water to my shakes as I dont like them thick it all adds up

Keep up the good work and proof that this a brilliant diet will show in your WI

all the best

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