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As you said rehydration also we are not getting the water from food......which does mount up.....also the water help flush out the toxins built up over time, also helps get rid of the fat.........3-4 litres a day is enough......I aim for 3 though, as too much is not good for you either......lol.

Keep going though as the results are so worth it
How long does it take to flush out the toxins? My pee is still quite dark and cloudy despite all the water I've drunk. Or, could it be the powdered shakes?
I'm drinking 5-6 cups of tea plus 1 litre of water in my 2 shakes and approx. 2 litres of still water. I honestly don't think I could drink any more :D


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Lol.....how long have you been on the diet.....if it continues just ask the pharmacist to see if it is ok.......should think its fine, but just to be sure......sounds like you are drinking plenty
Good news:
I've lost 11lb in 5 days which is fantastic and I'm really pleased with the rapid weight loss.

Bad news:
I still feel really weak, tired and quite grouchy even though the pharmacist said that I was definitely in Ketosis. So, despite her advice I'm going to try the re-feed for a week!

I feel like I'm giving in too easily but I honestly don't think I can do the full LT diet feeling like this. I'll see if I put on any weight this week and will reassess next Saturday :eek:
wow well done on your weight loss, it took me 2 weeks to get to that!!, I felt tired and sluggish for the first week and a half and still have days like that, i tink it affects us all differently you have to go with what is best for you. good luck

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