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How much water should we drink per day?
I try and get at least 3 litres plain water per day plus about 4 big black coffees and 1/2 litre before work with my berocca.

I have read that if you drink too much your body retains it aswell.
Are there any articles out there that say how much we should drink?
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God..I struggle with 2 litres :(

I know with lipotrim you have to have at least 2, its very similar ie you're in ketosis....so maybe thats the minimum?
well ive had one cup of tea this morning, large glass of water with berocca, 2 large cups black coffee and a litre and half of water. been to the toilet 4 times since 9am . please be fat coming out!
I can just about manage the 2 litres and then there is usually 3 coffees on top of this .My problem is i am coming and going on school runs ,swimming etc and if there is no loo near i have to curtail my water intake. I am very bad so far today ,must pick it up a gear.


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I fill a 2 litre bottle up and leave it in the fridge - but don't always get through it :)


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I count everything - some days most of my fluid intake is in the form of black coffees and fizzy drinks (like today) but I always hit about 3L.

LOL (or should that be PMSL?) at the wee being fat coming out Vicky!


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The book says no, I think mainly because it can trigger carb cravings in some people. I've been caffeine free for years so don't really know!
I drink about 8 pints of water a day, plus a few mugs of green tea and the occasional decaf coffee.
That's because of your weight loss Linz, I drank way more when I was on induction.

There used to be a formulae, but I can't recall it, something like a pint per 20lbs of body weight a day?
thanks peeps.
Caffeinated is ok on the new atkins and i havent cut out caffiene this time.
plus I googled and if you are 160lb you should drink 8 oz glasses per day and 9 if 180lb etc etc
so i should drink about 2 litres but more if i exercise.
Your point is! LOL, ah well, it was all furlongs, chains and £, S and D when I was a lad.

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