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Water ...


I will get to goal .....
Hey Guys,

Just been reading your posts in Gemma's diary about water not making a difference on WW vs. VLCD. Since changing from CD I've been drinking the same amount every day, 10-12 pints. I had a STS this week for WI :( and just wondered if it might be connected? I have eaten ALL my points and been exercising so I thought perhaps I might see a small loss - but nothing!

Will too much water prevent me losing on WW? Should I cut down to say 6-8 pints per day?

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Going From Flab to FAB!
I dont drink water atall! ....... i know thats bad but my fluid intake daily is 2 cups of tea and a glass of diet coke in the evenings .. thats usually all! .... unless its really hot and then ill have a glass of flavoured water but nowhere near enough ....

Im not sure about the weight loss thing ... but i do know i should be drinking more ! hehe


I will get to goal .....
Thanks for all your replies.

I think I am going to cut back to 6 pints a day (a little more for gym days) and see what happens! I do feel quite blobby and put it down to food. Hadn't considered that i could be retaining water.

I don't drink any...zero...zilch...nada!

I drink about 4 cups of tea a day, plus sometimes a can of coke and the occasional glass of sugar free squash. But water on it's own...no thanks! Eew! Haha.

The ONLY time I think I drink water is a mouthful to take a tablet, if I'm ill (as in sick) or if I've had a really heavy night out and am really dehydrated :) but even then I'd usually have sugar free squash rather than water. I just can't stand the stuff (though strangely I can drink a cold bottle of water from the shop if I'm thirsty, but I couldn't drink a whole glass of tap water.....don't ask me why...maybe because I'm a complete nut job!? Lol).


I will get to goal .....
LOL!! Thanks guys.

I cut back to 6 pints yesterday and think perhaps I'll get some sugar free squash next shopping trip as I really don't 'enjoy' the water!

no added sugar squash is only a few points.
i like pepsi max its great no points...and in asda you get 3 packs of 6 cans thats 18 cans for only £3.00!
umm i like robinsons no added sugar fruit and barley peach flavour!
i only drink squash and a can of pepsi max a day. dont drink hot drinks yuck !x
i dont know how cd' do it?
i tried for a couple of weeks and was never off the loo.
In my job you just cant be up and down every couple of minutes!
i felt like a swimming pool it was awful x

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