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I will do this!!!
The last couple of days iv no managed to drink that much water, im having all my shakes easily though.
Before LT i never drank water AT ALL so iv drank more water in the last couple of days than i have done my whole life.
What will this do to my 1st WI?
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Not sure but you really need to have at least 2 litres and ideally about 4 litres. It seems the more water you drink the more weight you lose so it's definitely in your best interests to try and get the water down no matter what. Sipping whilst on the pc definitely helps as you don't realise you're drinking as much as you are. Also, keeping a 1 litre bottle with you helps keep track of how much you've had :)


I will do this!!!
I just dont feel thursty at all really, but i will drink more tomorrow
I know what you mean, I'm hardly ever thirsty but one week I drank 4 litres per day and had a great loss and the next I drank 2 litres(ish) and had a rubbish loss. Certainly made me realise how important the ol' h20 really is :)


I will do this!!!
Well after hearing that ill definatly force the water down, i want to lose as much weight as possible!!!
Don't we all doll, don't we all :) Good luck with upping the water hunni x
Just remember to keep sipping it gradually rather than trying to rush too much down too quickly.

The more you drink the more you need, well that's what I've found. I started having to force 2 litres down and now find I drink about 3.5L on average a
Ooooooohs, pressed wrong button!

I meant to finish

.........on average 3.5L a day. And I feel more thirsty! The 3.5L doesn't include water in shakes or cups of coffee (I've had 3 today)

I prefer my water cold so keep 3 500ml bottles in the fridge so I always have a cold one ready!

Continually sipping is good advice, it's easier to drink the required volume that way, and also after a while you really don't realise your doing it. Apart from the fact you are constantly going for a pee - especially in the evening I find. Thank god for Sky+ Live pause feature, or I would miss most of my favourite TV progs!! Lol
:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:Cuddly Fairy, I am the same. I hate the tap water we get here unless it is chilled and constantly buying mineral water would be bad for the environment (and my bank balance!), so I have a constant rotation of about 6 bottles of various sizes. :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:

I can still only manage 2 to 2.5 litres, even when I am forcing it down me. Must try harder!:party0036:(Funny, getting wine down me was never a problem).
Lol Noisy! When I stayed with my sister I think she matched my water with her wine!!!!!

I live in a hard water area so it defo tastes better chilled out of the fridge!


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